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Mid-Sized Shepherd’s Pies

I recently bought two small Le Creuset dishes that were on offer in John Lewis.

So I made some of my Shepherd’s Pie mixture and made a large individual pie in each.

Mid-Sized Shepherd's Pies

Mid-Sized Shepherd’s Pies

I then cooked one and ate it as I often do, with lashings of tomato sauce.

Shepherd's Pie With Tomato Sauce

Shepherd’s Pie With Tomato Sauce

i wonder if you could have a surprise pie party, as various pies can be made this way. So some would get fish, others meat of various sorts and you might even throw in a few veggie ones.

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Holy Crap

This product got a plug on Have I Got News For You, tonight.

I thought it was a spoof, but if it is, the web site is a masterpiece of misleading information.

It is actually a gluten-free breakfast cereal. The product page is here and I only have one problem with it and that is that it contains cranberries, which are a no-no if you are on Warfarin.

My other problem might be putting on a lumberjack shirt and high heels to eat it.

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Mark Steel On The US Gun Lobby

I found this thoughtful article by Mark Steel in the Independent.

His logic may be faultless, but he comes to a series of hilarious conclusions. This paragraph is typical.

Or it could be that there’s a rule that the capture of a dangerous criminal is only a victory for America if the criminal can be portrayed as not American. Because if you’re going to go on a killing spree in America, you should at least have the decency to be American. There must be some people saying: “It’s a disgrace. These Chechen lunatics are coming over here taking our lunatics’ jobs.”

On the other hand most people, who’ve read what he says agree with him.

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The Duchess Wows Them In A £38 TopShop Dress

This is another story from the Standard. Here’s the intro.

The Duchess of Cambridge has got great legs and she’s not afraid to show
them. Nor is she afraid of a hefty spring breeze. This morning, attending a
tour of the studios at which the Harry Potter films were created, she wore a
thigh skimming polka-dot dress from high-street retailer Topshop. 

One of the pictures on the site, shows Lady Verulam meeting the Duke and Duchess. I suspect, that her father in-law was the guy who gave me my first real job at Enfield Rolling Mills.  As the company was my father’s biggest client, he just phoned up the Earl and asked if they had a suitable job for a sixteen-year-old. My father was a great believer in the old maxim, that if you don’t ask nicely, you don’t get!

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It’s Not Just Cyclists Who Are In Danger

This article in the Standard tonight, says that the police and other government agencies are working together to deal with the problems of HGVs and the cyclists they hit. Here’s the introduction.

A crackdown on unsafe lorries and rogue drivers was launched in London today in a bid to halt the number of cyclists being killed and seriously injured.

Police began conducting “stop and search” patrols after the Government and Transport for London agreed that action was needed to halt the death toll.

But it’s not just cyclists, who are in danger from some of these trucks and their drivers.

As I walked back from the bus stop round the corner tonight, a skip lorry turned left in front of me and crossed my path very closely.  The driver had taken the corner very much in a hurry, but at least he’d used his turn indicators, otherwise I might have not been able to ascertain his intentions.

I am always very careful at the junction, as since I have moved here, there have been a couple of serious accidents, one of which resulted in the death of a young girl.

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Winston Churchill To Be On A Fiver

It is being reported that the new five pound note will feature Winston Churchill.

I always thought that to be on a British banknote, you needed to have a lot of unruly hair, so that the note was more difficult to forge.

Whatever he was known for, it wasn’t for being particularly hirsute!

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Venezuela’s New Sports Minister

The Times carries a centre page spread of Venezuela’s new Sports Minister, who is an Olympic fencer, with her sports equipment placed strategically.

The photo is here, but I suspect it’ll be everywhere. This other page in Spanish doesn’t need translation.

Just imagine the fuss if one of our high-level female politicians did the same.  But then the only top sports people, who have made government in recent years have been Christopher Chataway and Sebastian Coe.

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Seven New Buses for London In A Row

Since I created my personal timetable, I usually leave my house eight or nine minutes before one of the buses arrives. I’m not changing my routine or anything, but say I’m going to Piccadilly Circus, for 11:30, I know that the 10:34 would be an ideal bus, so I break off writing at an appropriate time and walk to the stop.

Since Monday, I’ve done this seven times and caught seven New Buses for London in a row. And one of these was by accident, as I had finished and just got ready and left without reading the timetable.  It actually would have been eight in a row, but yesterday, as I got to the stop, there were two 38s at the stop, so the New Bus for London overtook, the humbler buses.

My son, thinks it’s all a bit sad! He’s probably right! On the other hand, because of escalator works at Bank, Highbury and Islington, and other stations, it is a much easier and more pleasant journey on the top deck of a London bus. And if that’s in First rather than Standard Class it’s even better.

But it does show how the New Buses for London stick tightly to their timetable, with the precision of a Clerkenwell engraver. Could this be because of their proven quicker dwell time at stops, that they have the ability to pick up lost minutes?

But for whatever reason it is, it’s all good news for Londoners.

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Ed Miliband Says He’ll Switch The Lights Off

Well not directly, but he has just said on BBC Breakfast, that he will break the link between power generation and distribution and bring in a tough new regulator to force prices down, when wholesale prices come down.

It’s all motherhood and apple pie, and might appeal to voters, but it would have the effect of stopping major power companies investing in the generating capacity we need.

So the lights will inevitably go out!

The only way to avoid building generating capacity is to find ways to insulate our poor housing stock and force consumers to actually do it!

But then the British public is addicted to using as much energy as possible.

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A Fare Oddity In London

This story turned up in one of my news filters. Here’s an extract about travelling between Highbury and Islington and Clapham Junction stations .

TfL is kind enough to assume that you have been the ‘Zone 2 only’ way round. So whichever way you go , you’ll be charged just £1.50 (off-peak) instead of the £2.10 you’d expect to pay for travelling through Zone 1. Bizarrely, this means that it’s cheaper to travel through the 17 stations from Clapham Junction to Highbury, than it is to make the five stop journey from Shoreditch to Highbury along the same tracks.

I don’t think that the sixty pence that Transport for London gives away is going to make much difference. As I do it for nothing on my Freedom Pass, I’m not bothered either.

I would always go the long Overground way round from, where I am near Highbury to Clapham Junction, as the journey is easier, without changes and is more interesting. It just takes a few minutes longer. It’s also very easy with a heavy case or even a bicycle.

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