The Anonymous Widower

I Know How Kevin Phillips Feels

It is being reported that Kevin Phillips penalty kick in the Championship Play-Off Final was worth £120,000,000.

I know to a certain amount how he feels today.

I was part of the team that sold Metier Management Systems to Lockheed for a similar sum in 1985., although with inflation it’s probably worth a lot more today.

As we went about the pre-sales process, we realised we had good methods and software, but everything was rather boring.  So I was asked if I could create a version of Artemis with style and charisma. I did nothing else for six weeks, except write software, eat and sleep occasionally, but the result was that we received a lot more money, than we had decided we would accept.

It was the software and business equivalent of Kevin Phillips’s spot kick.

I also have two other characteristics that I share with Kevin.  We’re both about the same height of 1.70 metres and we both performed our most important feats at just under forty years of age. He also is a man from North Hertfordshire, whereas I was brought up in that part of London, that used to have a Barnet, Herts postal address.

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