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What A Performance!

I’ve watched tennis and especially at Wimbledon for over fifty years.  I can remember the dominance of the Australian men in the 1960s and in all that time since, I’ve been waiting for good British players with a chance to come along. We had a few possibilities in those years, but only recently have we had anybody good enough to win the men’s title. I’ve seen a couple of British women win, but that was all a long time ago.

But never in those years have I seen a performance by an up and coming British player, like that I saw yesterday from Laura Robson. She didn’t just defeat Maria Kirilenko, she demolished her. British players don’t do that!

Afterwards, Virginia Wade said this.

She can do something really incredible in this tournament! 

Virginia also lost her cool and showed a lot of emotion.

In some ways, Robson’s performance, reminded me of that amazing run and win by Boris Becker in 1985, when he won unseeded. Winning at the highest level in sport, depends a lot on confidence and Robson showed that in bucketfuls yesterday.

As I do in situations like this, I decided to waste four pounds on a bet, she wins the Championship.  I got odds of 90-1. Let’s face it, the bet is only a couple of drinks in a cafe and if it comes off, I’ll have the last laugh.

But then I had Terimon each way for the Derby at 500-1.  And he came second!

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