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24/7 Bingo? You Can’t Be Serious?

Yesterday, I went to Dunelm for the first time and came away with a cushion, which I needed for an experiment.

I took these pictures as I walked back to the station to come home.

24/7 Bingo? Have you ever heard of anything so sad?

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Mayor Sadiq Khan Plans to Ban London Underground Gambling Ads

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on Gambling News.

It’s probably the right thing to do, but as fast food ads have been banned and others are probably to be banned as well, where does the Mayor think he is going to get the money to run Transport for London from?

As he is going to have an enquiry into the legalisation of cannabis, which I am against, as it ruins your immune system, I shall be voting for someone else.

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MPs Demand £2 Online Betting Limit

This was a headline in The Times on Tuesday.

  • I’ve never gambled in a casino; either for real or on-line.
  • If I did have a gamble in the past, it was always on the horses and it usually concerned horses, where I knew something the bookies didn’t!

But I have either been clever or lucky several times in the past.

As to this plan from MPs, I think it will be a bad idea.

Those that provide on-line casino services will get round any limit or be based in a country, where either gambling is a legitimate way to fleece the mugs or UK laws are not respected.

I hope my taxes won’t rise to pay benefits to those, who’ve lost all their money.

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William Hill Plans 700 Store Closures Putting 4,500 Jobs At Risk

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

This is the first three paragraphs.

Bookmaker William Hill has said it plans to close about 700 betting shops, which could lead to 4,500 job losses.

The firm said the move followed the government’s decision in April to reduce the maximum stake on fixed-odds betting terminals to £2.

Since then, the company added, it had seen “a significant fall” in gaming machine revenues.

So should we protect problem gamblers from themselves or those who work in betting shops?

I should add, that my late wife was a barrister specialising in family matters. She would say that many divorces were the result of at least one of the four main additions; alcohol, drugs, gambling and tobacco.

In my view, it was an enormous mistake to allow fixed odds betting terminals into betting shops in the first place.

Anybody with a modicum of sense or knowledge of the betting industry, knows of the problems gambling can create.

The terminals were introduced in 2001, when Tony Blair was Prime Minister and Gordon Brown was Chancellor.

As Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Phil Hammond and John McDonnell don’t look the sort to wager a lot of money on these machines, it will be interesting to see, who gets the blame for the job losses at William Hill and the additional job losses that will surely happen at other betting shop chains.


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FOBT Stakes Should Be Limited To £2

This is the title on The Thunderer column in The Times today.

If you don’t know, FOBTs are Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, which have been described as the crack-cocaine of gambling.

I have never seen, let alone used one, as when I have a bet, it’s usually on a horse or an event like I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! using the Internet.

The odd thing about this Thunderer comment is not the comment itself, with which I agree totally.

It’s just that it is joint comment, written by.

  • Carolyn Harris, who is the Labour MP for Swansea East.
  • Iain Douglas smith, who is the Conservative MP for Chingford Green

East and West, Left and Right have met in a good cause.

Surely, we should have more cooperation like this!

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Thoughts On The National Lottery

The phone-in on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning is discussing the National Lottery.

I sent in this text.

The lottery, like religion, is just another way to extract money from the poor. If people need the buzz of gambling, there are much better ways of using sums of surplus money like local charities, crowd-funding bob-sleighers and peer-to-peer lending.

The lottery has served it’s purpose, but no politician dare kill it!

I doubt it’ll be read out!

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More Money Than Sense

That is all you can say about this story in the Standard. Here’s the first couple of paragraphs.

A multi-millionaire gambling addict who lost £2m in one evening is suing The Ritz casino for allegedly “taking advantage” of her gambling addiction.

Nora Al-Daher, 50, frittered away her millions on the club’s punto banco table in just a few hours in April 2012,

But the glamorous Omani politician’s wife says it was all the club’s fault for failing to stop her playing and wants her money back.

The lawyers must be laughing at her like crazy, as they trouser expensive fees for a case that she will probably lose.

I can certainly hear C laughing and hinting that a fool and their money are soon parted.

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Barney Curley Does It Again!

There are gamblers, successful gamblers and Barney Curley. In a betting coup a couple of days ago, the BBC is reporting that he made about two million pounds.

It certainly isn’t the first time! A late friend was a Newmarket bookmaker and was always on the look-out for any of Barney’s money. He managed to avoid any serious damage, but that was more by luck than judgement.

Wikipedia gives a detailed account of the Yellow Sam betting coup.

The major bookmakers thought they had protected themselves against coups from the likes of Barney Curley.  But they were wrong!

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I Think The Cricket Is Heading For A Draw In The Rain

England have avoided the follow on, and it looks like the weather is going to do what Manchester is famous for; rain.

So what are the odds on a draw? The draw is four to one on, on Betfair.

The bookies are usually right!

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What A Performance!

I’ve watched tennis and especially at Wimbledon for over fifty years.  I can remember the dominance of the Australian men in the 1960s and in all that time since, I’ve been waiting for good British players with a chance to come along. We had a few possibilities in those years, but only recently have we had anybody good enough to win the men’s title. I’ve seen a couple of British women win, but that was all a long time ago.

But never in those years have I seen a performance by an up and coming British player, like that I saw yesterday from Laura Robson. She didn’t just defeat Maria Kirilenko, she demolished her. British players don’t do that!

Afterwards, Virginia Wade said this.

She can do something really incredible in this tournament! 

Virginia also lost her cool and showed a lot of emotion.

In some ways, Robson’s performance, reminded me of that amazing run and win by Boris Becker in 1985, when he won unseeded. Winning at the highest level in sport, depends a lot on confidence and Robson showed that in bucketfuls yesterday.

As I do in situations like this, I decided to waste four pounds on a bet, she wins the Championship.  I got odds of 90-1. Let’s face it, the bet is only a couple of drinks in a cafe and if it comes off, I’ll have the last laugh.

But then I had Terimon each way for the Derby at 500-1.  And he came second!

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