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Not One Of My Problems!

This story about treatment for varicose veins shows how a lot of medical treatments are going to get more hi-tech. This is the first bit.

People with varicose veins should be offered laser or heat treatment, say new guidelines for England and Wales.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) says, in most cases, surgery should be a last resort.

Both my parents had bad varicose veins, with my mother’s being particularly bad. She had them operated on at the old Highlands Hospital in Winchmore Hill in the mid-1950s.  The strange thing about that operation was that the surgeon was an Indian lady, who did her ward rounds in a sari. I don’t think, I actually saw the surgeon, as eleven-year-old children weren’t allowed to visit their parents in hospital in those days, but my father would recall if her surgery was as as good as her looks, then my mother would be fine.

It’s strange, but you don’t seem to see the awful varicose veins you did fifty years ago!

I certainly don’t seem to have inherited them from my parents!

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