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Is This The World’s Fastest Pasta Meal?

Last night, I did the Lindsey Bareham pasta meal, which I described here.

I really do think, that if you cook it as fast as you can, it might be one of the world’s fastest pasta meals.

I started by boiling a saucepan of salted water.  I used my 2.8 litre saucepan with a lid that has a built in strainer. I also put a plate in the oven to get warm.

When it was boiling hard, I threw in a tumbler of Carluccio’s gluten-free pasta, which cooks in eight minutes. After five minutes, I threw half a cup of peas, which can be frozen or fresh. Obviously, for more people you add more pasta and peas.

Whilst the pasta and peas was cooking, I’d taken half a pack of Waitrose pulled ham hock and taken out the bits with any fat and gristle, of which this time there wasn’t much.  I also chppped a couple of tablespoons of chives.  Note if you don’t like ham, it works equally well with smoked salmon.

When the peas tasted cooked, I just strained the mixture and that was the cooking done. With my saucepan, I just left the pasta and peas in the saucepan and then used it as a mixing bowl.

i added the ham, a good slug of Rachel’s Greek yoghurt with honey, the juice from one half of a lime, the chives and a teaspoon of marjoram to the mixture and gave it a good mix with some salt and pepper.

I then just turned it out onto the plate.

As you can see, it takes the time it takes to boil the water plus how long the pasta takes to cook and the time it takes to mix everything at the end.

I challenge anybody to properly cook a real pasta meal quicker!

Not Much Washing Up!

Not Much Washing Up!

It doesn’t even require much washing up, as the picture shows.

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