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It’s Only A Duvet

A couple of weeks ago, I was too hot in bed, as I only have the one duvet and it is rather an expensive one with a high tog rating of 13.5.

I’d originally bought it after C died, as we’d always used blankets and making the bed with these, by yourself is not easy.

So I thought, it was time to get one for the summer and trotted off to John Lewis. I explained to a salesman, what I wanted and he explained how blankets don’t wrap around you like a duvet does, which means you actually keep cooler. He said I needed a cheap synthetic duvet, which tended not to wrap around you.

So despite it being the cheapest in the department, I bought one.

I’ve certainly slept well over the last couple of weeks. It will be interesting to see, when I change back to the heavy one, especially as I have pretty good tolerance of the cold.

So that was certainly one down to the salesman at John Lewis.  How many others would have sold me the thinnest expensive duvet they had?

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  1. […] more and more, that a lot of my troubles were caused by changes I made on the death of C, like the duvet and extra radiators I put in at the previous house, and the very dry atmosphere I have lived in […]

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  2. […] When she died in 2007, I did a lot f things to warm the house up, like putting in extra radiators and buying the thickest duvet I could find. I have since bought a thinner one. […]

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