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Upgrading Alexandra Palace Station

I have very early memories of Alexandra Palace station and probably first used it to get to Kings Cross with my father. But now it’s being upgraded.

This is very much needed, as there are quite a few suburban stations on that line, that need improving from a new coat of paint upwards. But it’s coming, according to this post on the First Capital Connect web site.

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Chorizo Hash

This is a recipe based closely on Lindsey Bareham’s recipe of the same name, but for one person. i.e. me!

I started by assembling the ingredients.

Chorizo Hash - Ingredients

Chorizo Hash – Ingredients

Note the small 200 g pack of Waitrose potatoes and the 120g double pack of chorizo.

I chopped the potatoes and then boiled them for five minutes, before draining them.

The onion was then softened in about a tablespoon of olive oil over a medium heat, ater which the potatoes and the chorizo was added and heated until the potatoes and sausage were nicely crusty.

Chorizo Hash - Cooking The Onion, Potatoes And Sausage

Chorizo Hash – Cooking The Onion, Potatoes And Sausage

The mixture was then turned out on a plate, the tomatoes were then added and everything was topped with a fried egg and some herbs.  Lindsey used chopped parsley, but I just sprinkled marjoram on the top.

Chorizo Hash

Chorizo Hash

I enjoyed it and will cook it again.

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My INR For August 2013

As August is now finished, I can show a graph of my daily INR tests for August 2013.

My INR For August 2013

My INR For August 2013

The average INR for the month was 2.5 with a standard deviation of 0.3.  This is well within the range of 2 to 3 and the average was spot-on the target of 2.5.

Having once been told by an eminent cardiologist, that if I got the Warfarin level right, I probably wouldn’t have another stroke, I try to make sure I get it right.

What is interesting is that my average Warfarin dose for month is exactly 4 mg. a day.

The more I look at these results, the more I believe that daily self-testing is the best way to control INR.

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Goodbye And Farewell

Sadly, David Frost has passed away. I was surprised he was only eight years older than me, as I thought he was older than that.

I posted here my memories of That Was The Week That Was. Frost must have been in his early twenties, when he starred in that program.

How many comedians and performers are successful at that age now? And they say, it’s a young person’s world.

Incidentally, when I talk to my peers today, I find very few others, who at fourteen used to watch TW3.  I think it shows the sort of attitude that my parents, and especially my father, had to life.

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