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The Unreserved Coach E On Virgin Trains

I came back from Liverpool on the 14:48 train from the City. It wouldn’t have been my preferred choice, as it dropped me in the dreaded Euston at the start of the evening rush.

As I didn’t have a reservation and was travelling on an on-line off peak ticket at just £25.50, I made my way to Virgin’s unreserved coach E. There I sat in state in a backward facing window seat in a set of four with a table on which I laid out my paper and Private Eye. A young lady did sit opposite, but for much of the journey we were the only passengers in the coach.

After an hour or so, I went for some water from the shop in Coach C. It was a real obstacle course as the train was quite full and most of the coach in between was fully reserved, with a group of Scouse totties trying to find seats and blocking the gangway with their cases.

On Sunday, I’ll be coming back from Wigan after the Ipswich match. Again, I’ve not got a reservation and I’ll be checking out coach E first. If there is no space, I will probably pay for a Weekend First Upgrade. If the train’s occupancy is true to form, First won’t be very full!

If you want to know more about Virgin’s Unreserved Coach E, it’s all here.

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