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Dealing With The Long Term Unemployed

Over the last few days, there has been a lot of talk about how you deal with the long-term unemployed.

In the 1980s, I interviewed a guy called Jim for a management job in Metier.  He was at the time, a senior guy in the Department of Employment and told how a lot of the long-term unemployed were not in the obvious places. One thing he did say was that in London, many wouldn’t travel a few miles to get a job, especially if it meant crossing the Thames.

But one thing he said, was that if you call the long-term unemployed in regularly, a lot seem to disappear from the register and stop claiming benefits.

I suspect that some of the Coalition’s policies might have the same effect.

At about the same time, an economist from Lloyds Bank told me, that their predictions for the economy were different from  the Government, as they took account of the Black Economy and the Government didn’t.  I wonder how models and predictions differ these days?

I do think though, we’ll see a drop in unemployment over the next few years, as the rules get tighter and people find it much less of a hassle to work, as history repeats itself.

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