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Full Function Ticketing On The Overground

As I came up the stairs at Dalston Junction station, this morning, I thought the ticket machines at the station had been updated for ticket collection.

Full Function Ticketing On The Overground

Full Function Ticketing On The Overground

So after I’d bought my ticket to return from Sheffield on Saturday on-line, I visited the station and picked it up. Not only does the updated machine deliver on-line tickets, but you can buy a ticket to any station in the country.

A similar machine is in operation at Dalston Kingsland station, but not at Highbury and Islington station.

This development will make some of the journeys I do a lot easier, as I now have a convenient place to pick up on-line tickets.

Often big improvements can be made to travel, by doing small improvements all over the place.  I suspect, this was just a software change.

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Payday Lenders Fight Back

Payday lenders have had a lot of bad publicity today.  So Oakam in Dalston decided to fight back.

Payday Lenders Fight Back

Payday Lenders Fight Back

I suppose the only guy doing well is the guy on stilts.

Perhaps we need more street performers on the High Street.

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Handyman On A Bike

I saw this bike chained to a lamp-post by Haggerston station.

Handyman On A Bike

It’s an idea of which I very much approve. I wish Green Workforce the best of luck.

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More Money Than Sense?

I like these two  stories on the BBC web site.

One is about expensive motors  parked outside Harrods and the other is about a Lamborghini clamped for no insurance in Newham.

I say bring on the crushers.

How about a portable crusher which lifts the car in and then crushes it whilst everybody watches? It has some of the fascinations that used to be associated with public executions centuries ago. But it is very humane and no-one gets physically hurt!

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A New On-Line Film Site

I caught this article at the bottom of a page in the Standard yesterday. The title describes it in one.

New player to stream 1,000 British films spanning a century.

It’s all here on the BFI.

i’ve signed up and it supposedly starts on next Wednesday.

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Dalston On BBC Breakfast

Dalston featured in a report on BBC Breakfast this morning.

It was all about payday loans.

It is almost impossible to walk down the Kingsland Road without falling over the endless number of boards offering loans on the street.

All loans no matter where they are from, should be properly registered on a central database, which is then checked for anomalies and excessive borrowings.

The FCA is imposing new regulations as reported here on the BBC.

But no matter what regulations are tabled, it will not stop people borrowing at rates, they can’t afford. So the new regulations will probably turn out to be a business opportunity for loan sharks.

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What Doctors Won’t Tell You

The Guardian puts the boot in to a publication, some think should be banned, in this article.

It gave me a good laugh.

I’ve had several people say that if I eat bread made from organic wheat, it won’t harm me. But not for some years, as now the organic freaks are often on a wheat-free kick as well.

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Two Non-Drivers

You don’t meet many people, who have made a conscious decision not to drive, especially when they are successful businessmen, without any disabilities in their forties and fifties.

But I’ve met two this week.  Both use trains, taxis and buses. Neither were originally from London, where non-driving is a lot easier to manage.

I think it’s a choice many more will take!



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Eurostar Go For The East Coast Franchise

I have noticed that Eurostar are bidding to run the trains to the North and Scotland from Kings Cross.

I do hope that if they do run it, they bring the excellent gluten-free food from their continental services.

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Do People Shout More On Trams?

I travel on buses and trains a lot.

In Manchester on one tram in particular there was a lot of shouting both directly and into mobile phones.

So do people shout more on trams? Or does the noise echo up and down?

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