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My Supper In Genoa

I found a gem in Genoa called the Trattoria Alle Due Torri.

Look at the web page and translate it into English and you’ll see it is endorsed by the Associazione Italiana Celiachia. They have an extensive gluten-free menu and it was great.

If you look at the picture of my starter, you’ll see something at the right that was some sort of vegetable flan, that tasted like quiche.  But it was gluten free and gorgeous.

Certainly, it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had in Italy.  And I’ve eaten quite a few!

I did overindulge a bit.  But I was on holiday!

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My Hotel In Genoa

I’d booked a cheap hotel in Genoa, because the Alexander Hotel looked to be close to the main railway station at Principe. It was very close!

The Alexander Hotel taken From The Metro Station

The Alexander Hotel taken From The Metro Station

The hotel was clean, in an excellent location and the staff were friendly and helpful, even if they didn’t know about the metro.

Checking on the Internet, Genoa doesn’t seem to be too well served with hotels close to the main station. So if you’re going to Genoa, I’d do your research thoroughly.

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The Metro In Genoa

The Metro in Genoa is only small, but it got me out of trouble.  There had been a lineside fire and everybody was taken off the train from Rome at the Brignole station, rather than the main one at Principe.  There was no information at the station and I eventually found a friendly concierge in a hotel, who told me to take three stops on the Metro.

It is only a small system, but it covers the main parts of the city centre and goes to the sites I wanted to see on my overnight visit.

I actually could have used it more, as it also ran from my hotel to the restaurant I found on the Internet.  But the hotel concierge felt it best I took a taxi, despite the station being about thirty metres away.

Compared to some metros I’ve used throughout Europe and the world, the Genoa metro sets a standard that others could emulate.

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Two Trains To Genoa

I took two trains to Genoa.

The first was one of the new high speed trains called Frecciarossa, that got me to Rome in just over two hours and the second was a Frecciabianca that got me to Genoa around six in the evening. I didn’t write the exact times down and can’t find them from the Trenitalia web site.

On the trip to Rome, I had an aisle seat, which explains the lack of pictures. Especially as the train was crowded!

When I booked the trip, I didn’t realise that the Rome to Genoa leg runs for a long time up the coast and has spectacular sea views.

Both trains were 2+2 seating and despite the bigger loading gauge in Italy compared to the UK, I think that the seating was rather cramped compared to some First Class I’ve sampled in the UK, in France and on Eurostar.

The stops on the Rome to Genoa leg are also quite important cities including Pisa, which is a major rail junction, so don’t necessarily do the leg in one as I did.

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Would I Visit Naples Again?

Naples keeps drawing me back and of course I’d go again.

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The Excellent Italian Rail Ticket Machines

Buying rail tickets in Italy is easy and it is true to say, I’ve never failed to buy a ticket, when I needed one.

They are very easy to read and navigate and work in several languages.  Here’s a picture of a machine working in English.

The Excellent Italian Ticket Machine

The Excellent Italian Ticket Machine

One big difference between Italian machines and those in say Germany or Sweden, is that when you change the language, they change the destination names. Note how Genoa in this screen is shown as the English spelling.

I suppose it helps that Italian is a language which uses a pure Roman alphabet like we do, with no accents, umlauts or cedillas.

Ticket machines should use plain characters to help tourists.

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Exploring Naples In The Morning

As i said here, I got back into Naples without difficulty on the free bus and explored the city in the few hours I had before my train left for Rome and Genoa, where I would spend the night.

I didn’t have to carry my bag, as there was a good left luggage office in the station. It was probably best, as last time, I visited the city I was mugged.  The story is here. Two pictures refer to this incident.

the only problem I had was getting back to the station, as the Metro had stopped.  I even got an honest taxi driver, who said it would be much cheaper to take the Metro as it was only a short journey.  As it was it cost me only a few euros, but I made the train with a few minutes to spare.

If I go back to Naples, I’ll explore the city differently by taking the Metro to Cavour and then walking down the hill to the station. That way the Metro won’t be able to let you down.

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