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Edinburgh’s Tram Infrastructure Goes In

The infrastructure for the new Edinburgh tram line appears to be substantially installed.

I still have doubts that the design of the lines isn’t the best.

Edinburgh is an important city architecturally and I do wonder if the trams should be like they are in Seville; without overhead wires. I can see the day, when all city centre trams will be like those Spanish ones.  it would certainly make building the systems a lot simpler.

It does strike me too, that now I can see where the tram route goes, does it go close enough to the main station at Waverley? I asked in an earlier post, why the trams don’t go over the North Bridge in front of the station.  It would appear that the original Edinburgh trams did, from a map I’ve seen. These days too, modern trams are much better at climbing hills, as they do regularly in cities like Geneva.

Perhaps Edinburgh’s biggest mistake with the trams was to start them when they did.  If you were designing a system now, it would be much simpler and less disruptive to install and probably a lot cheaper too!

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