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More Hot Air For Bunhill

During Open House in September, I visited the Bunhill Energy Centre, which provides heat and power for homes in Islington.

There are now reports like this one on ITV, that they will be taking in the waste heat from the Underground and an electricity sub-station. I would assume the latter is the massive one between the Regent’s Canal and City Road, that provides power to the City of London.

Perhaps they should build a centre like Bunhill close to the Houses of Parliament to heat homes n Westminster!

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  1. […] 3. Research could also be directed towards better ways of generating heat and power, to widen some of the techniques used at places like the Bunhill Energy Centre. […]

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  2. […] The great thing about small energy schemes, is they are not intrusive or capital-intensive and often can be hidden away in the most surprising places. They can also take heat from any source like Bunhill is going to do in the near future. […]

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