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The New Lift To The Northern Line At Moorgate Station

Look at this image, I’ve clipped from this large visualisation of the massive Liverpool Street-Moorgate Crossrail Station.

The image shows the Northern City Line coming into Moorgate station.


  1. The Northern City Line is shown in purple.
  2. The double escalator going down to between the two terminal platforms of the Northern City Line.
  3. The Northern Line is shown in black and the two platforms are underneath the Northern City Line.
  4. The Northern Line tunnels cross over the top of the Crossrail running tunnels.
  5. Note the other escalator going down to the left of the Northern City Line escalators, that is connected to the Northern Line by two passages and stairs.
  6. There are also two single escalators connecting the Northern Line to the Northern City Line above. I regularly use the up escalator, when I arrive in Moorgate station on the Northern Line, as it is quicker and there are no steps. I described this exit in Up From The Depths At Moorgate Station.
  7. There is also a new passage shown in the visualisation, which appears to link the main Crossrail station with the Northern Line platforms or the area underneath them.

Whilst going through the station today, I found this lift.

It appears to be squeezed in between the two escalators linking the Northern and Northern City Lines.


  1. Does it serve the Northern City and Northern Lines and the passage to Crossrail?
  2. The sign says Moorgate. Does this mean that the lift goes to the surface? But it would come probably up to the surface in Boots. So I suspect it leads to the passage, which means you go to Moorgate that way.
  3. The lift looks finished.
  4. The lights are on.

It certainly looks Crossrail-ready.

If you look at the visualisation in detail by clicking on it, it looks like,there could be two new short escalators and a lift going down from the Northern Line platforms to the passage underneath.

It looks to me, that if you arrive in the passage underneath the Northern Line from the main Crossrail part of the station, that you can do one of the following.

  • Take one escalator to the Northern Line.
  • Take two escalators to the Northern and City Line.
  • Take three escalators to the surface.

In addition you can do the following.

  • If you’re on the Northern and City Line platforms, you can take two escalators down to take the passage to access Crossrail.
  • If you’re on the Northern Line platforms, you can take pne escalator down to take the passage to access Crossrail.
  • Use the lift to go up or down as required.

If I’m not right what is shown in green?

I can see this technique used to squeeze escalators and a lift between the platforms on some stations with less space than a 1960s Mini.

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  1. and this post offers the perfect seque for my further alternative CR2 thinking…

    At least 5/6 years ago I went to a public consulation in Wood Green where the hired hands were insistent that the CR2 would not only be built immediately after CR1 was complete (LOL), but have a branch to Wood Green… the very notion of optimism bias… and that it would relieve the Piccadllly line and bring better transport connections to the Haringey Heartlands’ development.

    The answer my friends is to make more effecient use of what already exists – and the Northern Cityline is the solution – Yes, I know moorgate is at capacity- but it would be far far cheaper to have a branch from Essex Road, via Mount Pleasant (they should have made developers pay, with connections to Circle/Met lines), and then to my Aldwych hub (indulge me again, but see my Watdford DC line comments ealier), onward to SW surbabia. A Metro service for the core of the Northern City line, which runs parallel, for the most part, to the Piccadilly line ..

    Two short lines, for much less money, achieving, what CR2 tries to do, and with your, AW, Lea Valley Metro idea – we have saved the taxpayer billions …

    Comment by PJS | March 30, 2021 | Reply

    • I agree that the Northern and City Line could be improved.

      For a start the stations could be cleaned, with perhaps some new tiling and paint.

      Highbury & Islington, Essex Road and Old Street need full step-free access.

      But now we have new trains, the biggest change will come with ATO and ERTMS are employed in the tunnels to Moorgate. This will increase frequency,

      And the extra capacity will be needed, as this line with its cross platform connection to Dear Old Vicky and connection to Crossrail at Moorgate will generate passengers.

      I also think, that there needs to be a travelator connection to Bank station under the roads. Bank station has been rebuild, so this could be tacked on.

      Comment by AnonW | March 30, 2021 | Reply

  2. Hi AW, … but there is a limit to what Moorgate can turnaround – people talk about extending the line beyond Moorgate, but my understanding is that this would be extremely difficult. Essex Road needs wholesale redevelopment, and an oversite build of ‘apartments’ could fund this.

    My idea also offers a soultion to the Covent Garden overcrowding, as my plan for Aldwych, would have an Exit/Entry to the south of CoventGarden (as well as making use of the old exit in the Strand) providing an alterntive for this very busy traffic generator.

    Yes, the stations are very grubby – I know they are trying to make some changes at Haringey (see Ian Visits blog for recent mention) but my local, Hornsey, could have insisted on developers funding step free access before they made loads of money building those flats on the east side… too many of these missed opportunities…

    Comment by PJS | March 30, 2021 | Reply

  3. Moorgate turns a lot more trains in the Peak and with ATO, they could probably manage that all day.

    Essex Road is a class demolish-and-rebuild with development and step-free access.

    I do think that stations are not in general managed by TfL means that proper developments don’t get done.

    I often wonder, if the Northern and City Line could do a loop, like the Wirral Line in Liverpool.

    Would a single-track tunnel be able to break away to the North of Old Street and go deep under the City with a ring of stations, before joining the Northbound track?

    It could probably handle sixteen trains per hour. Four each for Hertford North, Stevenage, Welwyn Garden City and AN Other!

    Comment by AnonW | March 30, 2021 | Reply

  4. I reckon this lift will be similar to the lift installed to the Northern Line at TCR where the lift goes just a short distance from platform to a new very large subway link (Purple) to the rest of the station . It will be interesting to see if they will open new entrance and lifts at least to sub surface lines once station has transferred to TFL .

    Failure to make GN at Moorgate accessible will prevent interchange to Crossrail and if stations like Finsbury Park, Highbury and Islington and Old Street get step free access Moorgate will look like a missed opportunity and could transfer to TFL Overground with link missing.

    Comment by Melvyn | March 30, 2021 | Reply

    • It looks to me that the passage with the right angle in it, leads to under the sub-surface lines.

      There already lifts on both sides of these lines and I suspect they go down to that subway.

      Will they also connect to the current subway under the sub-surface lines?

      It does seem to be very much of a rabbit warren.

      Comment by AnonW | March 30, 2021 | Reply

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