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A Tale Of Two Cyclists

Coming back from the shops this evening, I needed to cross the zebra crossing by my house. There were no cars in view, but I could see two cyclists coming towards the crossing.  I couldn’t miss one, as he had a high visibility jacket on and lights flashing away. But the second was not so visible.

The first cyclist stopped and as I expected the second to do the same, I stepped onto the crossing shouting a loud thank you to the first cyclist.

I started to cross, when I realised the second cyclist was intending to overtake the first and ride straight across in my direction. I think the first cyclist could have obscured his view of me on the crossing.

When he saw me, he braked hard and virtually ended up in a heap on the crossing. He said nothing, picked up his bike, whilst the first cyclist who’d stopped, shrugged and made a long face, at the antics of the other cyclist.

Luckily there wasn’t any other vehicles behind him, otherwise a simple mistake might have become a serious one.

We may need more cycling and better routes for cyclists, but we also need better standards from all road users.

Cyclists may come off badly, when hit by buses and trucks, but pedestrians don’t fare well, when hit by a fast moving cyclist.

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The Philharmonie de Paris

I read about the Philharmonie de Paris in The Times this morning, where they say that Parisians are snubbing the new grand concert hall, as it is on the wrong side of town.  But according to this article from the Guardian in 2012, it looks like it’s been in trouble for some time. The Guardian describes it as a grand design that’s turned into a £300million bottomless pit.

It certainly looks to be something that I’ll visit next time I pass through Paris.


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Are The Reds Fighting Back?

I’ve never seen a red squirrel in the wild and it has looked for some time, that they will disappear from the mainland in England.

However, the BBC is reporting that some red squirrels on Merseyside, may have developed an immunity to the squirrelpox carried by the dreaded grey squirrels.

I have found a link here to the research on this at Liverpool University.

Let’s hope that the immunity spreads to red squirrels elsewhere in the UK.

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Stopping Suicides On The Railway

Some months ago, I posted about how the rail industry and The Samaritans were getting together to cut suicides.

Today, there is a good article about the results of that initiative, on the BBC’s web site.

The training would appear to be working.

So perhaps we ought to look at other suicide points like bridges and car parks and create some appropriate initiatives, drawing on the railway’s experience.

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