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Cinderella Is My Friend

Most Sundays, I go South and East from where I live to Canary Wharf, the Thames or Greenwich. Today was no exception, as I wanted to see the new roof on Canary Wharf Crossrail station and get a bit of shopping in the excellent Waitrose at Canary Wharf.

Today, I picked up the Docklands Light Railway at Shadwell, as I often do.

I’ve referred to this line as Cinderella before, as in the current vogue for grand railways and other schemes, she seems to get forgotten, as she trundles passengers reliably around the East of London, giving superb views of the canals, docks and buildings, both old and new.

But then she is like me; a London mongrel, with an ancestry from all over the place. The railway was born out of the need for to create a transport system on the cheap. The trouble is, that the engineers and staff, felt that despite the budget, they could create something special.

And they did!

They’ve now even created audio guides to each line, as this poster advertises.

Advertising The DLR Audio Guides

Advertising The DLR Audio Guides

I don’t think they’d work so well for the Underground.

Cinderella just has so much to show you!

And where else can kids of all ages, play at driving the trains? Copenhagen and Turin.

But why oh why, is there not another use of the technology in the UK or the wider world? I just think, Cinderella isn’t sexy enough for the great and good. But then she’ll still be here, when all of the current bunch of idiots are pushing up the daisies.

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