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London’s Express Buses

Many cities in the UK and elsewhere have express buses to speed you on your way.

With the introduction of a substantial number of New Buses for London on route 38, it seems that London now has express buses, as they are faster than the traditional buses.

Today, I arrived at Dalston Junction station and as I do caught the first bus along the Balls Pond Road.  It was an elderly 56 and before it got to the first stop, it had been passed by a following New Bus for London on route 38. The 38 had been able to make a faster getaway at the lights, as their hybrid drive train seems to give better acceleration.

But by the time I got to my stop at Southgate Road, the new bus was on its way to Islington.  This is probably because with three doors the cargo gets on and off a lot quicker.

It also helps that only about a third of the passengers need to go past the driver to check in.

As I can get both 38s and 56s to the Angel, it’ll be interesting to see if the 56s get less crowded when route 38 has its full compliment of new buses.

It would also appear than the traditional buses are having their route displays updated for the introduction of cashless buses in July, with nudge messages suggesting you go cashless.  They are also saying you can go in and out through either door.

So will the two door buses be fitted with a touch pad at the rear door, just as the new buses do?

It would certainly speed loading and unloading of buses.

All of this shows that good design can make something as mundane as a bus better!

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Annoyances In My InBox

Every day, I get at least two e-mails asking me to register PDF Suite 2014. I’ve never used it or bothered with this company before.

I also get something every day from IT Brief.

How do we stop spam coming from these companies? All the unsubscribe requests have failed and of course spam like this from across the pond is impossible to stop.

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