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Cooking Salmon The Mary Berry Way

I’m trying to get my B12 levels up and to this end. I decided to cook myself some salmon.

I found this recipe on the BBC web site, that was created by Mary Berry. It’s called baked salmon with parmesan and parsley crust.

Cooking Salmon The Mary Berry Way

Cooking Salmon The Mary Berry Way

I cooked it using two salmon fillets from a pack and substituting a slice of Genius bread for the breadcrumbs, by pulverising it with the parmesan and parsley in my Little Chopper.

I shall be cooking it again as it was good and very tasty.

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The Consequences Of A Yes Vote For Scottish Independence

I don’t care one way or another, if Scotland votes for independence or not, as I don’t think it would affect me much at all, if the decision was made for all time. Nothing would be worse than continuous referenda every two years or so.

But I’ve just read an article in Modern Railways, by their respected columnist; Alan Williams, in which he details some of the problems we might see in the event of Scotland voting for independence.

He suggests that after Sottish Independence, England and Wales might decide to adopt Central European Time, as most of the opposition is in Scotland. So if Scotland was to stay on the current time, we’d have the problem of running connected businesses like trains and power networks.  I know we do it successfully with the French, but we’ve not changed our time relationship with the French for some decades.

Now this is just one of several problems he flags up with the railway industry.

How many other problems will arise in splitting other industries and utilities?

It’s not my set of problems, but it would be a rich vein for critics and comedians.

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