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Are Politicians Stupid?

This report on the BBC web site, shows how the three major party leaders were photographed with a special World Cup promotion edition of The Sun.

The Sun is noted for various things, but faithful support for politicians isn’t probably one of them.

So why did the npoliticians ever let the photos be published?

Clegg and Cameron’s supporters didn’t seem to mind too much, but Labour Party supporters and especially those from Liverpool, are giving Milliband a hard time.

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  1. Miliband’s posed with the Sun two or three times since the last GE and I don’t think it caused quite such a fuss. The professional outrage brigade seem now just to be kicking him while he’s down. Politicians feel they need the Sun onside (though Clegg has nothing to lose any more; he needn’t have bothered!) so they’re easily coerced. How Miliband can manage to look so gormless simply holding a newspaper is a mystery though.

    Comment by R | June 15, 2014 | Reply

    • I’ve known two MPs personally; one Tory and one Labour. Both had reputations as good constituency MPs and constituents with diagonally-opposite views have praised both.

      I can’t speak for either, but I don’t think they would have posed with the Sun, the Daily Telegraph or any other publication, unless it contained a report on an issue they were campaigning on.

      I didn’t want to slag off Milliband, but I have to admit, he has developed an amazing skill in looking gormless. Most of our post-war leaders have had the ability to look in control, intelligent and hopefully reasonable company in conversation.

      I once remember seeing John Major address a serious meeting of the Cambridge Chief Executives Club. It was an amazing display and he impressed everybody, no matter what their political views.

      Any party leader must pass that test. If I was invited to a tsalk by Ed Milliband, I doubt that his pronouncements and personality, with get me to attend.

      He gives the overall impression to me, that he is not a good listener, so when he is scientifically incorrect would he listen to an opposing view?

      Comment by AnonW | June 15, 2014 | Reply

      • After watching the full interview associated with this story - – I’d say categorically that listening and responding thoughtfully is not a trait of Miliband’s style of politics. I have to say I find him fascinating, but not in a good way! It’s interesting that people used to say of John Major that he was charismatic and interesting away from the cameras but performed dreadfully with them on him. Much the same is said of Miliband. But did Major ever so cynically and deliberately decide to negate any semblance of personality in interviews as Miliband does, or was it more accidental?

        Comment by R | June 15, 2014

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