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To The BBC For Fighting Talk

I had got tickets to go to the BBC Radio Theatre to see the broadcast of Fighting Talk.

I took these pictures as I walked up to the BBC in Portland Place.

It does appear to me, that the architect has made a good job putting a modern building behind the iconic All Souls church and beside the well-recognised BBC Broadcasting House.

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Are Politicians Stupid?

This report on the BBC web site, shows how the three major party leaders were photographed with a special World Cup promotion edition of The Sun.

The Sun is noted for various things, but faithful support for politicians isn’t probably one of them.

So why did the npoliticians ever let the photos be published?

Clegg and Cameron’s supporters didn’t seem to mind too much, but Labour Party supporters and especially those from Liverpool, are giving Milliband a hard time.

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The Long-Awaited Walthamstow Link Is Nearly Here

It should have been a simple job, but it has grown into an eighteen year saga.

Walthamstow Central and Queen’s Road stations are not far apart and a pedestrian link has been needed for years to make interchange possible. Finally, it will be opening next month, as is reported here in ThisisLocalLondon. In the end despite an agreement the Council had to take the developers to the High Court.

How many other simple links should be created to make travelling by public transport easier?

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