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Will Nick Clegg Become A European Union Commisioner?

A lecturer in politics at Sheffield Hallam University has just said that Nick Clegg will be the next European Union Commisioner.

The BBC says that the lecturer has form for getting things right.

It sounds like a good idea to me and I think it will happen!

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Why No Sensible Person Would Vote Lib Dem

The political headlines this morning are about Nick Clegg saying he will raise taxes to cut the deficit.

This may well be what will have to happen but because I’m on a pension, it probably wouldn’t effect me very much.

So has Nick Clegg consigned his party to oblivion, as surely no sensible person in the squeezed middle will vote for someone, who pledges to squeeze them even more? After all commentators say that Ed Miliband’s poor showing in the polls is because many voters don’t trust him with the economy.

But on a wider note, surely for Nick Clegg to say it so forcibly, because of its negative effect, is not the thing to do.

Nick Clegg has had his five minutes of fame, and perhaps now is the time to let someone else have a go at the most forgettable job in British politics!

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Are Politicians Stupid?

This report on the BBC web site, shows how the three major party leaders were photographed with a special World Cup promotion edition of The Sun.

The Sun is noted for various things, but faithful support for politicians isn’t probably one of them.

So why did the npoliticians ever let the photos be published?

Clegg and Cameron’s supporters didn’t seem to mind too much, but Labour Party supporters and especially those from Liverpool, are giving Milliband a hard time.

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Can We Trust Anything Nick Clegg Says?

Did Nick Clegg know the hornet’s nest he’d stir up by his temporary tax on the rich?

If he didn’t then he must be rather stupid and can we trust anything else he says?

But then politicians in this country, are often pilloried for simple statements.  Remember, Norman Tebbit and getting on your bike and Harold Wilson on the pound in your pocket.

If we need to raise more money there are other ways to do it.

For instance, you could put a black box in every car and charge per mile.  The Dutch government proposed this and promptly lost an election.

The only true statement is that from Dieter Helm, who said “Ministers who try to pick winners should remember that losers tend to pick governments.”

I wonder how many bright brains and successful companies are rethinking their future because of Nick Clegg’s statements.

Let’s say you are a small hi-tech Internet-based company, writing say apps for smart-phones. You can do this anywhere in the world, so perhaps if you fancied working in say Barbados, you might go.

If Nick Clegg had kept quiet, he wouldn’t have given anybody the idea to go.

Politicians seem to forget that most of our successful developments could be done from anywhere.  They should make sure that they don’t encourage people to relocate. Except of course to the UK.

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Nick Clegg Loses The Plot

Nick Clegg’s call for the rich to pay more tax is just plain daft.

One large group of the rich are probably people like me, who are retired and have a good pension pot built up over the years.

So if I was asked to pay more tax, I’d probably leave the money in my pension fund to avoid the tax and then not spend it.  After all, I may have bought a new washer-dryer, but my large purchases these days are few and far between. So how does that benefit the country?

After I sold my first company in 1972, I had an offer from a large American company to go and work for them, at an enormous salary.  If we increase taxes, all of those brains thinking up new ideas, will be on the first plane out.

No wonder we need a new runway in the South East.

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Coalition of All the Losers

Could we really have a coalition of all those who lost the last election?

Brown thinks so!

But would it last more than a few months?  Clegg and Brown have big differences and will the British public stomach another unelected Prime Minister after Brown?

I don’t like it!  And a lot of other people won’t either!  And what if they bring through an anti-Tory voting system to keep power for the near to mid future?

We just have a lot of questions and no answers.

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