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A Design Crime – What Moron Designed This?

To get back from Woolwich today, I decided to take a train from Woolwich Arsenal station.

What Moron Designed This?

What Moron Designed This?

The picture shows the fountain I walked into, as there were no visual clues and it looked like a wide free area leading to the station.

Luckily, I was wearing sensible walking shoes, which didn’t leak.

But you can see my wet footprints.

Obviously Woolwich loves crap design and has created a real Design Crime.

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  1. That is very bad. It amazes me how much bad design is around these days. And despite the whole health and safety thing, people make choices when refurbishing places without actually thinking out of the box. A room used for many children’s activities, including babies and just toddling tinies has just been redone with glass doors along the whole of one wall. Yes, the doors will be safety glass. but tiny tots will still end up walking/running/falling into them because they can’t see there is a door in the way because they don’t develop that level of perception in their first year or so. And they have asked old people in local sheltered housing units about the best kind of chairs to buy. But they are only one cohort of users – what about the heavily pregnant mums, people who have difficultly getting up from sitting, or the wide people who are wider than some of the chairs. Rant over – am having a bad day!

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | September 3, 2014 | Reply

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