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Match Seven – Ipswich 2 – Brighton 0

A win, which was down to one scrambled goal and another that looked good, but was a bit of a lucky fluke.

However they all count and Ipswich are now up to ninth.

Bishop was again influential, but the man of the match was Tyrone Mings, who nearly scored a goal with an intended back-heel. His knack of popping up in the box at the right time, reminds me of Chris Lawler from the Liverpool side of the 1960s and 1970s.

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What Is The French For Knackered?

According to The Times, the French PM said “We have six months to save France, or we’re knackered”

Google translate gives the answer – crevé

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Should We Have A Margaret Thatcher Square?

The Standard reported last night that Madrid has named a square after Margaret Thatcher and that there are calls to do the same in London.

We definitely should not, but then we don’t generally name squares, roads or buildings after politicians. Tastes change and one person’s hero may one day be some other person’s ogre.

Or as in the case of Jimmy Saville, there may be the darkest of secrets. The problems of erasing his memory are described here.


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Would You Use Crowdfunding To Invest In A Celebrity’s Business?

Yesterday, I picked up a copy of City AM and this headline of Exclusive: Jon Moulton hits out at Sir Stelios for crowd funding exploitation caught my eye.

The article is here on the City AM website and this is the first paragraph.

Celebrity business leaders may be using crowd funding websites to exploit retail investors, the outspoken private equity guru Jon Moulton claims today.

Moulton singles out easyJet founder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou as one example of a name using his position to foist over-priced shares on to small investors in his new easyProperty estate agency.

I have used crowdfunding to invest in ideas, but usually it’s to some worthy cause or idea, that is struggling, not an unworthy celebrity. People like Branson, Sugar, Cowell, Haji-Ioannou and others are only looking for a way of creating ideas that mainly enrich themselves! And they don’t need the money!

So the presence of a celebrity inevitably turns me off!

Perhaps two I named, should get together and form a company called easyVirgin. I wonder what it could do?

The best ideas to invest in are ones that are invisible to the general public.

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London Takes The Great Leap Forward

From today on all public transport in London, you can use your UK contactless payment card as a ticket. Full details are on the BBC’s web site. Certain mobile phones can also be used.

Some are predicting it’ll all end in tears, but I suspect passengers will take one of two routes; carry on as now with Oyster or a Freedom Pass, or embrace the new technology with enthusiasm and a correct level of mistrust. After all, there doesn’t seem to have been any reports of problems since London’s buses went cashless a few months ago.

As a Freedom Pass user, it won’t effect me directly. But I always carry an Oyster card for the cable car, visitors or emergencies. But there may come a time, when I can leave this out of my wallet.

London is setting a standard here and surely, this should be implemented all over the UK as soon as possible. But I can’t help feeling that some authorities will invent their own totally incompatible systems.

After all, the best way to hack off a visitor to the UK, who perhaps wants to visit people and places in several areas, is to present them  in every place with a different ticketing system.

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