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The Night Tube May Be On It’s Way

Transport for London have announced that from the 12th of September 2015, there will be a night service on the tube lines through Central London.

I used the word may in the title of this post, as the dinosaurs are stirring. The RMT general secretary is making threats.

From his statements on this and other issues, it seems he is trying to outcrow, the late Bob Crow.

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Miliband Forgets The Deficit

I suppose strictly speaking, it’s not his deficit, as it was stared by Blair/Brown, but I see Miliband’s omission of the deficit in his conference speech rather worrying.

I certainly wouldn’t vote for any politician, who omits to tell the full picture.

Miliband is certainly second-rate even compared to Gordon Brown, as he has shown in the last few weeks over the \scottish Referendum.

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