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Before Crossrail – Abbey Wood

I was at Abbey Wood station today and took these pictures.

Note the terrible stairs down from the bus stop. Certainly this is a station that shows all the worst design features of the corporate British Rail non-architecture.

If you look at the design for the new Crossrail station, you can see the new footbridge in the images.

So could this footbridge be one of the first pieces of Crossrail infrastructure that passengers will use?



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A Walk Along The Thames From Erith Station To Crossness

This afternoon I enjoyed the sun and walked along the Thames Path from near Erith Station to the Victorian Pumping Station at Crossness.


When looking at these pictures, you can see some of the places that I also saw on the cruise down the Thames.

I haven’t fully annotated the pictures yet, as finding out what some of the buildings are isn’t easy.

There’s some good technology at work in Crossness and they should tell people about it.


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Fracking For Freedom

In this post, I said that Iceland can help us overcome energy shortages, caused by the problem of Putin.

Today in an article in the Sunday Times, Jim Ratcliffe, the boss of chemicals giant Ineos is saying that he would pay landowners and communities £2.5billion. Here’s what the Sunday Times says.

ONE of Britain’s richest men hopes to trigger a shale gas boom by giving away billions of pounds to landowners and communities affected by fracking.

Jim Ratcliffe, the 61-year-old Lancastrian who founded chemicals giant Ineos, has promised to hand over 6% of the revenue from oil and gas wells — 4% to landowners and 2% to local communities — in an effort to jolt the moribund industry into life. The offer would equate to £375m for a typical exploration area of 36 square miles, and goes far beyond the 1% giveaway to which the industry has committed. Ratcliffe estimated the offer could be worth £2.5bn in total.

I would never be affected by fracking here in Central London.

But if we could get all our energy supplies without resorting to those basket cases of Russia and the Middle East, we wouldn’t be in bed with some of the nastiest regimes in the world.

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My Worry About Islamic State

I believe that Islamic State are possibly the worst organisation I’ve seen in my lifetime. Even such as Pol Pot in Cambodia and North Korea now, are nowhere near them on a scale of evil. They are in some ways more extreme and violent than Hitler and the Nazis at their worst.

But unlike Hitler, who had virtually no supporters in this country, there are quite a few in the UK, who think that Islamic State have got the right idea.

So by voting to attack Islamic State in Iraq, have we made ourselves a target for these crackpots and religious nutters?

After all, it is really ourselves and France, of the countries against Islamic State, who have significant Muslim populations.

My worry though, is not what terrorists might do, but the reaction of the UK’s population, if another attack like those of July 7th 2005 were to happen.

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