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The Clapham Kiss – Where East Meets West

I took these two pictures, as I went from Shepherds Bush to Dalston Junction stations this afternoon on the London Overground.

Normally, I’d take a northbound train at Shepherds Bush direct to Highbury and Islington or Canonbury, where I would use the footbridge to crossover to get on a train for Dalston Junction. The reason I like to end up in Dalston Junction station, is that there are lots of buses down the Balls Pond Road to my house and they mean, I don’t have to cross any roads.

But at Shepherds Bush, this would have meant waiting nearly ten minutes for a northbound train, so I took the first train to Clapham Junction. A factor that influenced my choice was that to change between the two trains, is just a short walk up the platform.

I spoke to the driver, who was very pleased, as they don’t always meet as precisely as this, although that is what’s intended.

But the whole layout at Clapham Junction shows that a little bit of innovative thinking can often make things better for all concerned.

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