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More Trouble With AnsaldoBreda Trains

In an article eighteen months ago entitled; A Train Builder With Form, I talked about the poor performance of Denmark’s IC4 Trains.

It would seem that according to this article in Global RailNews, that the situation might be improving, although it is still not sorted.

The only relief for the UK, is that none of the trains on order are from  AnsaldoBreda.

Incidentally, as the performance of the IC4 trains are pretty similar to InterCity125s, if Denmark still needs some high speed diesel units in a few years, perhaps we could lease them a few nearly fifty-year-old InterCity125s to get them through until the date, that the lines are electrified.

On the other hand, we could use them on longer cross-country trips all over the UK network.

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More Freight Trains On The Gospel Oak To Barking Line?

It has been announced in Modern Railways that DB Schenker is going to build an import/export terminal for new cars at Barking. The article says this.

The site has been chosen as it is the most westerly point of connection to the European rail network via HS1. DBS says it will also have excellent access to the UK strategic highway infrastructure.

The hub will initially handle up to 150,000 vehicles per year and is expected to open in March 2015.

What surprises me about the announcement, is that the terminal will open in just three months.

The only problem, is that there will be extra freight trains on the Gospel Oak To Barking Line.

So the sooner that line is electrified the better, as then at least the locomotives will make less noise and pungent smoke.

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Another Reason For Not Shopping At Tesco

In a few minutes time, I’m off to a lecture at the London Geological Society on Piccadilly.

I shall take a 38 bus all the way, as it stops virtually outside my house and the Society.

But I will leave myself plenty of time, as it is the time of day, when Tesco always seem to park their truck outside their convenience, or in this case inconvenience, store at Islington Green, which usually manages to delay the traffic by fifteen minutes or so.

I don’t deal with arrogant businesses like that!

No wonder the company, is a ripe one for breaking up by the vultures of the City!

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