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Walking To St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s Stadium is not ideally placed for the main Southampton Central station, as this Google Earth view shows.

Southampton Central To St. Mary's Stadium

Southampton Central To St. Mary’s Stadium

It took me about twenty minutes and what slows the walk is the initial hill. If I ever go again, I’ll leave a little bit earlier and then have a cup of tea or a drink on the top.

At least St. Mary’s is one of the few grounds, where the Away supporters’ stand is closest to the train station.

But look at this enlarged Google Earth view of the area around the stadium.

Rail Lines By St. Mary's Stadium

Rail Lines By St. Mary’s Stadium

The South Western Main Line from Basingstoke and London comes into this picture at the top to the left of the two gas holders. Note how the lines curve to the west to go through the Southampton Tunnel under the centre of the city. The portal of the tunnel is just at the edge of the picture.

The rail tracks to the left (west) of the stadium are the route to Southampton Docks and the now closed Southampton Terminus station. Before electrification to Southampton in the 1960s, this station was the main one for Southampton and there was also another station at Northam, which was somewhere in the area to the west of the stadium.

Plans have been put forward in recent years to put a station at the stadium and also one on Southampton Waterfront. Some have been grandiose, but the City Council has safeguarded a route from the Waterfront to Romsey, Halterworth and Chandler’s Ford.

If Southampton Football Club stay in the upper reaches of the Premier League and decide to increase the capacity of the ground, I would not be surprised to see a metro link running on the line, with an interchange at say Eastleigh.

The route would also mean that passengers for cruise ships could get closer to the Cruise Terminals by train, just as they used to in the days of RMS Titantic.

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