The Anonymous Widower

Islington’s Eyesore

Archway is once of those places on the London tube map, which unless you know someone who lives there or has unfortunately found themselves in the local hospital, has nothing iconic to be worth visiting.

I went to have a drink with a friend, who lives within five hundred metres of the Underground station and took these pictures.

I should say that Archway suffers from the same problem that afflicts the bus station at London Bridge  station because of the station’s proximity to The Shard. Lots of wind and today, that was cold wind, that makes walking around the area challenging.

I met my friend in the Gate cafe in the middle of the roundabout and that was a pleasant oasis in one of the bleakest areas of London. Archway even makes the old Elephant and Castle and Vauxhall Cross roundabouts, look to be award-winning architecture.

If ever a traffic intersection, was designed by a team of sadists with all the design flair of one of the North Korean dictators, it is this one.

I would like to see the following happen.

1. Archway Tower should be taken down, as it creates too much wind. Incidentally, the Wikipedia entry for the building doesn’t name an architect for the 1963 building. I can’t find one anywhere on the Internet.Perhaps, he was too ashamed of his creation and wanted to save his reputation, by not having it on his record.

Sadly, if it can’t be taken down, then clever engineers at somewhere like Farnborough or a top class university, should be given a brief to sort out the dodgy aerodynamics of the tower.

2. I crossed from the tube station, after arriving by bus, to the middle island where the Archway Tavern sits and it was a long walk round over three separate sets of pedestrian lights. There should be a subway, but my friend told me that was closed some time ago.

3. The traffic patterns must be sorted out, as it was always a bad area for driving.

4. The disused cinema that my friend says has graced the area for forty-four years, should be used as rubble elsewhere!

It will be impossible that when the improvement scheme is completed, that a vast improvement will not have been achieved.


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