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How To Organise Chaos

At the moment N1 is seems to be in permanent chaos on the roads.

But I don’t drive, so why should I bother?

Every day, perhaps two or even four times, I take a bus to or from the Angel or Highbury Corner.

Yesterday, I wanted to get to Paddington to go to have lunch with a friend in Burnham near Slough. My normal method to that station, is to walk to Dalston Junction and take the East London Line to Whitechapel, where I get the Metropolitan across London. That may seem a long way round, but it’s quite reliable in the time it takes. But yesterday the Metropolitan and \district lines were not serving Whitechapel, due to engineering work. So I thought, I’d get a bus to the Angel, where I’d swap to a 73 or 30 for Kings Cross, from where I’d get the Hammersmith and City Line to Paddington. Highbury and Islington is solid at the moment due to the rebuilding of the bridge, so the direct route up the Essex Road using a 38 or 56 would be sensible. But then that road was locked solid, as they’d decided to resurface it, on a weekend with no Metrolitan Line and jams at Highbury Corner.

It took nearly an hour, to do a journey that takes just twenty minutes normally. I was even later to Kings Cross as there were diversions on the way, which meant I missed my train to Burnham by five minutes. I might have actually caught it, if the ticket machine at Paddington hadn’t gone bonkers and issued loads of blank tickets.

The problems could have been avoided, if whilst they’re doing the bridge replacement at Highbury and Islington, they refrain from doing any other major works.

It was no better today and they’ve now moved the road works further towards me on the Essex Road.

Someone is definitely not getting their project management right!

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  1. Oh yes…I thought I’d bus to work last week, as the Tube is so unpleasant. Allowed extra time for it. After an hour on the 38 from Balls Pond Rd I’d not even reached Holborn. Nose to tail all the way. Of course, the minute I decided it would be quicker to hop off at Museum St and walk down to Charing Cross Rd, the traffic suddenly cleared and off it sped. Sods’ law!

    Comment by R | February 23, 2015 | Reply

    • I have a feeling councils have not spent their transport budget and they’ve decided to do so in case they lose it. The only planned works is that bridge at Highbury and Islington. At least the 21/141/76 seem to be functioning.

      Roll on Crossrail!

      Comment by AnonW | February 23, 2015 | Reply

      • Well I also tried getting the 76 to work about 3 weeks ago. Two diversions and another section of nose-to-tail traffic at Blackfriars I had to abandon it, get the Tube and turn up late! One of the problems was a zebra crossing during a diversion. It took a good 10 minutes just to get past that, with a constant stream of city workers & a queue of white vans. As much as I loathe the Tube, it seems the least worst option.

        Comment by londonarchivist | February 24, 2015

  2. […] home was much worse, as I was dropped into the organised chaos at Liverpool […]

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