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Should An Overground Station Be Built At Hythe Road?

Some weeks ago Transport for London (TfL) launched a consultation on transport links and stations in the Old Oak Common area of West London.

A report in the Kilburn Times has said that the public have said that they’d prefer Option C of the TfL consultation, which involves two new Overground stations.

1. Old Oak Common on the North London Line, which would link to Crossrail and HS2.

2. Hythe Road on the West London Line.

This TfL map shows their locations.

Option C Proposal At Old Oak Common

Option C Proposal At Old Oak Common

And this is a Google Earth image.

West London Line At Hythe Road

West London Line At Hythe Road

As TfL are saying that service frequencies on the West London Line will be four trains per hour, which is the same as that of trains to Heathrow on Crossrail, it strikes me that these two new stations will greatly ease access to Heathrow from South London and beyond.

From where I live in Dalston, the two station idea has the benefit that if I want to get on Crossrail to go to Reading or Heathrow, it is just a single change at either of the two stations, depending on where my westbound North London Line train is going. Old Oak Common would appear to be a shorter walk however.

But surely, if you are doing a big development as at Old Oak Common, you need as many connections as you can reasonably afford.


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  1. It is a 650m walk (travelator?) from the HS2/Crossrail station to the “London Overground East” station.

    There will be many Crossrail – West London Line commuters who will have to do that trek daily.

    Is that such a good idea?

    It is likely there will be a bus and cycle road added between those stations, so YOU WILL BE ABLE TO CATCH A BUS!

    Comment by jake | February 27, 2015 | Reply

    • One of Crossrail’s possible problems may help here. I have spoken to a Crossrail engineer and she said that the station platforms are very long because the trains could eventually be lengthened to over 200 metres. She’d actually walked in one of the stations from end-to-end and she thought it was long, even if she probably walked it in work boots rather than five inch heels. But as the trains are walk through, you can probably get positioned at the best place for your station. She felt it will be visitors, who will suffer most, as they don’t know the tricks commuters do.

      I also think, that as the walk will probably be pretty level, that they will probably put in a travelator, as it is such an important interchange.

      On the other hand have you changed lines at Willesden Junction? Short and flat it is not!

      Comment by AnonW | February 27, 2015 | Reply

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