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The Saddest Building In London

Others will have their own favourite building vying for this title, but surely Millennium Mills, the derelict flour mill by the Royal Victoria Dock is close to the top of a lot of lists of sad buildings.

For years it has stood there unloved between the dock and the Docklands Light Railway, pleading to be put out of its misery.

One of the problems with the building, is that it is full of asbestos and removal and disposal will cost millions.

But help is at hand according to this article in the Newham Recorder, which details a Government grant to kick-start the development. Here’s an extract.

The former flour factory, which was built in 1905, has been vacant since the early 1980s but will get a new lease of life as a hub for start-up businesses, while homes will be built on the surrounding land..

The £12m, which has come from the government’s Building Foundations for Growth Enterprise Zones capital grant fund, is being used to speed up the redevelopment.

It means work to remove asbestos can get under way much earlier than originally scheduled, speeding up the renovation by five years.

Judging by the picture in the report, it would appear that something positive is at last being done with one of London’s saddest buildings.

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