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Two ‘eads Are Better Than One!

This is an old phrase, but it certainly doesn’t apply to the two Eds trying to think up Labour Party tax policies.

In this article on the BBC, about the taxing of ‘non-doms’, this is said.

Ed Miliband said the non-dom rules were “indefensible” and axing them would raise “hundreds of millions” in tax.

But shadow chancellor Ed Balls was forced to deny contradicting himself after saying in January that scrapping the rule “would cost Britain money”.

How many people will now take everything they say with an awfully large pinch of salt?

I think it illustrates the first law of politics, which is don’t go into it, if you can’t remember everything you’ve done and said, since you first drew breath.

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A Heavy Delivery

I was behind Whitechapel station this morning and this steel beam was delivered.

This Google Earth image shows the small  area in which the builders have to work.

Whitechapel Crossrail Site

Whitechapel Crossrail Site

The site is accessed down Durward Street, which is in shadow above the buildings.

To actually get the large artic down Durward Street, necessitated poking under the entrance to Sainsburys, which is to the right. I assume the truck was parked for the lift over the Overground line.

It was all a very professional delivery and unloading.

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The Crossrail Cambridge Heath Site At Whitechapel

As the pictures of the delivery showed, the Whitechapel station site is extremely crowded. Luckily, the major occupier of the area, is a large Sainsburys supermarket, which seems to have been rebuilt, as I remember using it around the turn of the millennium and it was all massive surface car parks, which have now seemed to have gone. This Google Earth image shows the area from the supermarket to the Whitechapel Road.

Whitechapel Station, Crossrail And Sainsburys

The Sainsburys is large and it has a multi-story car park, which stretches across the picture.

Note the big hole to the South of the supermarket, which is thirty-two metres deep and is Crossrail’s Cambridge Heath shaft to provide emergency access and ventilation to the Crossrail tunnels. Read more about the shaft and the other works at Whitechapel station in this page on Crossrail’s web site. This is all you can see from outside the site.

The Crossrail Cambridge Heath Site At Whitechapel

The Crossrail Cambridge Heath Site At Whitechapel

I was standing in Cambridge Heath Road, which is the road on the right of the image, which goes past the site and Sainsburys.

All this site used to be the Mann, Crossman and Paulin brewery,of which the only remains are the ornamental gates and the Blind Beggar public house. The latter is marked on the map and is notorious for its association with gang violence of the 1960s.

I wonder what the customers of those days, would make of the area now!



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Shopping In IKEA Without A Car

I don’t drive, but when it comes to shopping in IKEA, I can get to the three London stores at Croydon, Edmonton and Neasden by public transport.

Edmonton, to where I get a 341 bus, is probably the easiest and if say I bought something that was too big to carry, the store will put me in a mini-cab.

Croydon is actually the farthest, but I use it at times, as it is so easy to get to using the tram from West Croydon. So if I’m going South of the river for some reason, and I need to check something, I’ll pop in to that store.

As my house and the built-in garage front the street and there is usually plenty of parking outside, I usually shop at IKEA by going to a store and ascertaining what I need and then ordering on-line. It doesn’t always work out as it should.

Due to finger trouble I ordered the wrong freezer for my kitchen. And as I only discovered too late to send it back, if you want an IKEA DJUPFRYSA, I’ll be putting one on eBay soon!

I need to check on a few things at the moment.

On my trip to Huddersfield on Monday, I wondered, if there was an IKEA in Sheffield that I could have visited to answer my queries. But there isn’t.

So it got me thinking, as to how many IKEA stores in the UK, are as easy to get to by public transport, as the three in London.

Only four seem to be easy to get to from the local station or tram stop.

Here’s Manchester, shown on a Google Earth image.

IKEA Manchester

IKEA Manchester

This store would have been ideal, as there is a direct train service from Ashton-Under-Lyne station, which is near the store to Huddersfield. Except that there were no trains to Manchester on Monday and anyway I’d already bought my ticket via Sheffield.

As to the other stores on the UK mainland, they are Cardiff, Coventry and Southampton, all of which are in easy walking distance of a train station. But they wouldn’t have been much use on Monday!

So I’m off to Croydon today!

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Structures At Whitechapel Station

I believe that Whitechapel station, will be Crossrail’s Jewel In The East and over the Easter weekend the East London Line was closed to allow Crossrail work. These pictures show the station after the weekend.

It does seem that more big structures are going up.

This Google Earth image shows the station.

Whitechapel Station

Whitechapel Station

The image was taken some time ago, but it does show the layout of the station.

Note the orange line determining how the East London Line passes through and how the Metropolitan and District Lines go either side of the works. When the station is completed, there will be one large platform between these lines, from which escalators will descend to the Crossrail platforms about thirty metres beneath.

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Why Would A Well-Off Person Vote For This Labour Party?

I am 67, single and reasonably comfortably off, but with the exception of my house, pension pot and funds in Zopa, I have no substantial taxable assets. Quite frankly, purchases like expensive cars and art, a second house in the country, buy-to-let investments and vanity purchases like football clubs, just don’t interest me.

My house is probably just below any proposed Mansion Tax limit, but for how long, given the rate of the rise in property values in this area?

Over the years, I’ve acquired a few friends, who are now as financially secure as I am, for the rest of their lives.

What puzzles me, are some of these friends have been serious supporters of the Labour Party in the past. I wonder how many of them, are now less sure in their support, as every day, Miliband and Balls bring in more and more bash-the-rich policies?

The latest policy of abolishing the ‘non-dom’ status as reported on the BBC, may not worry me, but I suspect some of the people I know will be livid. I can think of someone, who is a Project Management professional, who works all the time outside of the UK, which probably gives them an interesting tax problem and being ‘non-dom’ may come into their affairs.

In fact, there are so many high-paid jobs of this type, which because of the Internet and air travel can be done from any reasonable base, so how many of these people would leave if a Labour government took power? In the past C and myself, thought about leaving, if the General Elections of the 1980s and early 1990s had gone the wrong way.

So what is going to be the next crazy bash-the-rich policy floated by this impractical Labour Party?

On the other hand there will be Newtonian reactions.

I think this lurch to the left, will hurt the Labour Party severely in the pocket, as so many of those who supported them in the past, won’t contribute this time.

They will become even more dependent on the Trade Unions for funds.

But I also feel, that anyone, who has a desire to be rich, will think twice about the way they are going to vote!

Luckily for me, what I consider my biggest asset, that has got me out of financial trouble several times in the past; my brain, is untaxable! Unless of course, a government brings in a higher rate of Income Tax for those with a University degree!

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