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Nick Robinson Has Just Said Ed Balls Is The Cleverest Economist He’s Ever Met

On BBC Breakfast, a few minutes ago, Nick Robinson has just said that Ed Balls is the cleverest economist he’s ever met.

Nick must have met some generally awful ones, if the man who allowed Labour’s left wing philosophy to be put to the electorate, is the best.

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Two ‘eads Are Better Than One!

This is an old phrase, but it certainly doesn’t apply to the two Eds trying to think up Labour Party tax policies.

In this article on the BBC, about the taxing of ‘non-doms’, this is said.

Ed Miliband said the non-dom rules were “indefensible” and axing them would raise “hundreds of millions” in tax.

But shadow chancellor Ed Balls was forced to deny contradicting himself after saying in January that scrapping the rule “would cost Britain money”.

How many people will now take everything they say with an awfully large pinch of salt?

I think it illustrates the first law of politics, which is don’t go into it, if you can’t remember everything you’ve done and said, since you first drew breath.

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The Bill Somebody Affair May Be Getting Serious

Ed Balls got his Bills all mixed up, as outlined in this article in The Independent entitled Bill Somebody: So who is Ed Balls’ mysterious Labour business supporter?

After watching George Galloway do a Daniel act in a den of Jewish lions on Question Time, I decided to see if and have been registered.

One certrainly has and you can read it here.

It was registered yesterday!

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And Now Balls Dithers On English Votes For English Laws

After Miliband’s dithering yesterday on the English Votes for English Laws question, Ed Balls refused to answer the question directly on BBC Breakfast this morning.

In my view, it is essential that this simple measure is brought in as soon as possible. If we don’t bring it in, then I predict the next General Election will be handed on a plate to the ridiculous UKIP.

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Labour Plays Their Scrap HS2 Card

Ed Balls has said that Labour could scrap HS2, if it wins power in 2015.  It’s reported here in the Independent.

Is it just a bribe to all those Tory voters in Middle England, who will pay much higher taxes under a Labour government?

On the other hand, this statement may just have killed the project, as will Parliament now pass the HS2 legislation? I think they won’t, as Parliament is a body, that doesn’t do big thinking well!

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Balls Loses The Next Election For Labour

It is reported today, that Ed Balls has said he will cut the winter fuel payment to wealthy pensioners.

it wouldn’t bother me, as any extra benefits I get from the government, I make sure goes into my charity pot, where I give money to charities that need it for good causes.

Many of those losing their benefit will be Labour voters and this sends a signal, that perhaps some of their other benefits like excellent pensions from public sector jobs might not be safe. So they might think about not voting and some might abstain or worse, as far is Labour is concerned.

I have this view, that politicians of all persuasions and colours are not to be trusted with my money, as they’ll all find vanity projects to waste it on. I won’t name any projects, as I quite like some of them from all sides of the political spectrum, but obviously not all.

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Ed Balls and Twitter

You can read what you like into this story about Ed Balls handling of Twitter.

I would just ask one question.  Would you like to see this politician in charge of the economy?

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I’ve Found A Use For Ed Balls

I’ve got rather fed-up with the one-sided reporting on the tax changes, that come into force today. typical is this report on the BBC. The fact that the personal allowance threshold has been raised, is very much buried in the story.

So when it was announced that Ed Balls was going to be on BBC Radio 5 Live at 8:05, I decided that this was an ideal time to walk down the road and get my paper.

The proof of the value of these tax changes will not be in headlines designed to attract readers and votes, but in the amount of tax collected. Having heard Danny Alexander this morning, I think everybody is in for a surprise.

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How Labour Claim They Will Kick Start Growth

It’s informative to put two of the BBC’s stories about the Labour conference together.  Here’s the first paragraph of the main story.

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls is calling for a two-year stamp duty holiday to help kick-start growth – paid for by the sale of 4G mobile frequencies.

And then you read what Nick Robinson says in this piece.

What, if anything, does Labour’s latest economic announcement tell us? Some argue almost nothing. I believe something rather more than that.

This is the case for the prosecution: Ed Balls is only telling us what he would do now if he was chancellor, not what he will do if he becomes chancellor in 2015.

By then, the proceeds of the 4G sale will not be his to spend – the money will already have been accounted for by his predecessor. The promise to increase capital spending by £3bn – if it survives into Labour’s manifesto – is also meaningless, goes the argument, unless you know what the baseline is going to be ie £3bn on top of what.

Thus, Labour is merely coming up with an eye-catching announcement which confirms what we already know – Ed Balls would spend a bit more than George Osborne if he were in office now.

That all sounds like they’re spinning again.

Basically, it’s just a load of old Balls.

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