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Thames Tideway Tunnel Site – King Edward Memorial Park Foreshore

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King Edward Memorial Park Foreshore is a site on the river at Wapping just to the East of a prominent Rotherhithe Tunnel Ventilation Shaft and will be on the main Thames Tideway Tunnel. On the Thames Tideway Tunnel web site, this is said.

This site will be used to intercept the existing local combined sewer overflow, known as the North East Storm Relief Combined Sewer Overflow.

This is a Google Earth image of the area.

King Edward Memorial Park Foreshore

King Edward Memorial Park Foreshore

Note the circular shape of the tunnel ventilator, which is just back from the foreshore in the middle of the park.

This image shows a visualisation of what the finished site could look like.

King Edward Memorial Park Foreshore

King Edward Memorial Park Foreshore


I also took a few photographs, as I walked through

It is rather a quality urban park and given the location and the increase in size, when the works are complete, I suspect that any good managers could make more than a fist of this contract.


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Deptford Creek Lift Bridge

You don’t see many lift bridges these days and until a few days ago, I hadn’t realised that this one was there on the Greenwich Rail Line over Deptford Creek.

This report in East London Lines gives details on the current state of the bridge. This is an extract.

The bridge has not been used in several decades and the lifting section was welded shut into ‘down’ position over 10 years ago.

Locally the bridge is a popular sight as well a visual reminder of Deptford’s industrial heritage. The rumours did not go down well with some residents.

The rumours were about demolishing the bridge.

I doubt that will happen.

According to Wikipedia this area was the site of the Battle of Deptford Bridge, which was the last battle of the Cornish Rebellion of 1497.

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The DLR From Greenwich To Deptford Bridge

I’d never seen the DLR to Lewisham from the outside, so when I travelled it this morning, I took some pictures, as I walked around the viaduct.

In my view it is a classic concrete viaduct, that has been used to slot the Docklands Light Railway between the two stations.

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Thames Tideway Tunnel – Greenwich Interconnection Tunnel

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The Greenwich Interconnection Tunnel is a branch tunnel that splits from the Main Thames Tideway Tunnel at Chambers Wharf and goes by way of Earl Pumping Station and Deptford Church Street to Greenwich Pumping Station, from where it will be bored. This map shows the route of the tunnel.


Greenwich Interconnection Tunnel

Greenwich Interconnection Tunnel

It would appear that the tunnel is being dug in a single go from Greenwich to the Thames, with most of the route deep under the Greenwich Rail Line.

This Google Earth image shows the rail line between Greenwich and Deptford station.

Deptford To Greenwich Station

Deptford To Greenwich Station

The works on Deptford Church Street are just to the north side of the rail line in part of the green space and those at the Greenwich Pumping Station are to the south of the junction, where the DLR branches south from the rail line.

The next site at Earl Pumping Station is just off the main map at the left.

On the page for the Greenwich Pumping Sration, Thames Water say this.

In our application for development consent this site is used to drive the Greenwich connection tunnel, a long connection tunnel which connects the combined sewer overflows (CSOs) at Greenwich Pumping Station, Deptford Church Street and Earl Pumping Station to the main tunnel at Chambers Wharf.

So it looks like Thames Water are sneaking the tunnel into Chambers Wharf.

I doubt they’ll be much disruption from the actual boring of the Greenwich Interconnection Tunnel, as it’ll all be dug from Greenwich from a site with water access. As the tunnel is being bored towards Chambers Wharf, it would seem likely that the large amount of tunnel spoil created will be loaded on barges at Greenwich and taken away for disposal, with little disruption to anybody. It would appear to be a smaller version of the system Crossrail used on the Limmo Peninsular in East London.

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