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Vossloh’s Product Sheet For The Class 399 Tram-Train

I was reading this article on Global Rail News about the full certification of the Vossloh Citylink tram-trains that are being used in Karlsruhe and Chemnitz. I’ve seen both systems and these are some pictures that I took.

I apologise, if I’ve got some identification wrong.

On searching the Internet I found this product sheet on the Vossloh web site. It is actually titled Dual-Voltage Tram-Train Sheffield.

There are two bits of good news.

The product sheet says that the tram-train is air-conditioned.

But the best news is this from the article in Global Rail News.

Operator Verkehrsbetriebe Karlsruhe GmbH (VBK) has now exercised two options for a total of 50 additional Citylink LRVs to add to the 25 procured in 2011. All of the new low-floor vehicles should be delivered by summer 2017.

Would Karlsruhe have ordered seventy-five trams, if they weren’t up to the job?

So Sheffield isn’t getting some totally brand-new technology. They may be the first dual-voltage Vossloh Citylink tram-trains, but that is technology, that has ben wel-proven in many places.

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