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Is This A Platform For Future Tram-Trains?

Whilst I waited for my train to Grantham, I had a quick look at the Northernmost Platform at Nottingham station. Platform 1 is a through platform and it looks like there could be access from both sides in the future.

The redesigned Nottingham station certainly has all sorts of possibilities for future development. This Google Map shows the layout.

Nottingham Station Layout

Nottingham Station Layout

Platform 1 is at the top, with the East-facing bay plstform 2 clearly visible.

It would appear that tram-trains could use the outer platforms and then be connected to wherever, as the station sits on a large site with space to the North and South.

The section called Railway Platforms in the Wikipedia entry for Nottingham station, says this.

Finally the southern side platform is numbered 7, and can accommodate a thirteen coach train. Sufficient space exists to the south of this platform to add a second platform face, effectively converting this side platform into an island platform, if traffic increases to justify it.

When you compare Nottingham to other places like Birmingham, Manchester or Leeds, the city is truly lucky to have a station with so many possibilities.

There also are not many places in the UK , where you could run the main tram line at right-angles over the main station. But it is a very good way of connecting the two modes of transport.

To the East of the station, there is also an enormous site with these derelict buildings.

A Derelict Site To The East Of Nottingham Station

A Derelict Site To The East Of Nottingham Station

The city must have plans for these.

But then Nottingham is very much saying that the City has an exciting and prosperous future.

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