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The New Three Bridges Depot

The new Thameslink depot at Three Bridges for the Class 700 trains opened today according to this report on Rail News.

I passed the depot a few days ago and took these pictures.

I didn’t see any of the new trains as I passed.

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The Tate Modern Extension

The Tate Modern Extension is coming on.

There does seem a lot of work to do for opening next year!

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Abraham Cruzvillegas At The Tate Modern

I took these pictures at the new Abraham Cruzvillegas installation in the turbine hall at the Tate Modern. It is called Empty Lot

I quite like it and it’ll be interesting to see if it grows on the visitors!

I shall be going back!

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Oxford Or Oxford Parkway Station?

I ask this question, as the new Oxford Parkway station opens on the twenty-sixth of this month.

I have just looked at the times and it would appear that the half-hourly services between Marylebone and Oxford Parkway, will take about an hour.

The current service between Paddington and Oxford station isn’t a consistent service, with some services taking forty minutes and other direct services taking an hour longer.

So for the next few months, until Chiltern Railways hopefully arrive in Oxford station in Sprint 2016, it’ll very much be a question of personal convenience and preference.



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Her Majesty’s Most Disloyal Opposition

The term Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition was first used in 1826 according to Wikipedia. They say this about the terms origins.

The phrase His Majesty’s Opposition was coined in 1826, before the advent of the modern two-party system, when Parliament consisted more of interests, relationships and factions rather than the highly coherent political parties of today (although the Whigs and Tories were the two main parties). The phrase was originally coined in jest; in attacking Foreign Secretary, George Canning, in the House of Commons, John Hobhouse said jokingly, “It is said to be hard on His Majesty’s Ministers to raise objections of this character but it is more hard on His Majesty’s Opposition to compel them to take this course.”

The phrase was widely welcomed and has been in use ever since.

In my over fifty years of watching politics, I can’t remember an opposition, that to which the term Most Loyal Opposition can be least applied.

Led by one of their most-rebellious MPs, if they can’t even be loyal to each other, how can they agree on and stick to policies that might be better for the country or win them an election.

I don’t even think that the current Labour Party has enough combined loyalty to mount a challenge to any of the Government’s policies.

So can it be described as a true opposition or is it just a bunch of mal-contents, who disagree on principle waving banners and shouting tired and outdated slogans?

It is a sad day for the United Kingdom, when the term Most Loyal Opposition applies most to a party, that is only interested in one part of the country.

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Significant Documents

When I wrote Increased Frequencies On The East London Line, I relied on this document from Transport for London (TfL) entitled London Overground and Docklands Light Railway Growth.

The document was significant because of its openness and the way it laid out how the London Overground and the Docklands Light Railway will cope with growth.

I think the document also shows how a properly planned public transport project attracts users, that are a precursor to the growth.

After all, in the last few months, I’ve seen the extension of the Nottingham Express Transit and the opening of the Borders Railway, neither of which have attracted substantial amounts of negative comment.

So perhaps we’re now getting rather good at planning these types of projects.

Over the last few months, I’ve read some significant documents, that look to the future.

All are quality documents and are superb starting points for the development of railways in their area.

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