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A Good Day Out In A Wheelchair

I have a friend, who is not the best on her feet. As she was in London on business and wanted to see Hockney exhibition at Tate Britain and I have a Membership at the Tate, which allows me to take a guest into any of the exhibitions at any time, I took her to see the pictures.

We arrived at Tate Britain in a taxi at the side entrance and in the entrance one of the staff indicated we could use the wheelchair in the entrance hall.

Judging by the number of similar chairs, I saw, it wasn’t the only one, but possibly the last one yesterday at that time.

So I pushed my friend around the exhibition, which because it was timed entry, although not for Members, wasn’t that busy.

I’d never pushed a good wheelchair before and it was surprisingly easy.

But what surprised me, was the helpfulness of Tate staff, who a couple of times cleared a way through the crowds, so I could push my friend through.

We were even able to use the Members Room, where I got another surprise. They now do gluten-free sandwiches and egg was on the menu! So I indulged!

At the end of the visit, we walked to the front of the Tate, where there were at least four waiting taxis, one of which took us to my friend’s hotel.

By the end of the day, the designer in me, was saying that had all been well thought out.

I wonder if other museums and galleries are so disabled-friendly.

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The Tate Modern Extension

The Tate Modern Extension is coming on.

There does seem a lot of work to do for opening next year!

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Abraham Cruzvillegas At The Tate Modern

I took these pictures at the new Abraham Cruzvillegas installation in the turbine hall at the Tate Modern. It is called Empty Lot

I quite like it and it’ll be interesting to see if it grows on the visitors!

I shall be going back!

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A Good Helping Of Turner

Yesterday, I went to see the Late Turner at the Tate Britain. I followed it up by seeing the film, Mr. Turner at the Barbican Cinema.

It was a good idea and I would recommend both the exhibition and the film to everyone.

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The Tate At St. Ives

The Tate St. Ives is one of those buildings, like the Guggenheim in Bilbao, that make me want to get my camera out.

At the Guggenheim, I photographed the building as the light played with the building in the evening sun.

As these pictures show, the Tate all about the sea.

The Tate is a building totally suited to its surroundings.

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Ruin Lust At The Tate Britain

I saw this exhibition at Tate Britain, when I went to see the Richard Deacon exhibition a few days ago.

Today, Ruin Lust is reviewed in the Standard by their respected art critic, Brian Sewell. He says this.

But what is? Any ordinary bloke unwise enough to chance £10 on this exhibition will depart baffled and bewildered.

And he continues in the sane vein.

The Guardian describes it as a brilliant, but bonkers exhibition.

The Times calls it a fetishist take on property porn and gives it two stars.

I actually thought that both exhibitions, had a touch of the emporer’s new clothes about them.


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Modern Art And Me

I went to the Tate Modern to see the Richard Hamilton exhibition.

I was not impressed with it, although some of his ideas were interesting in their concept.

Perhaps, I’m a Philistine, but I can’t help feeling there’s a lot of Emperor’s new clothes syndrome about some modern art. And how much is driven by the need to make money by dealers?

On the other hand, there are pieces of modern art that I  like, such as Puppy in Bilbao. I also feel strongly, that art should be available to all and not hidden away in galleries that charge or private places.

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Light And Dark Over The City Of London

I was in the Members Room of the Tate Modern and took these two pictures.

I’ve talked before about the views from this room here. I must take a few more!

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A Preview Of The New Tate Britain

I went to the Members Preview of the upgraded Tate Britain. I have called it the New Britain deliberately!

These pictures don’t do the new building of the art justice.

It was also an absolute pleasure to wander round some galleries and examine the paintings and sculpture virtually alone.

But then that pleasure, is one you get from being a member of the Tate. I also found myself in a similar situation at the British Museum at a Members Party.

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Art Under Attack

I went to this exhibition at the Tate on Thursday night.

It was the private view for members and the best bit about the exhibition was that you could see all the exhibits well, as there wasn’t many people there.

Or perhaps a lot of members had read the review of the exhibition in the Telegraph. It opens with this paragraph.

When some bright spark at Tate Britain came up with the idea of doing a show about the history of Iconoclasm in this country why wasn’t the plan strangled at birth?

And finishes with this.

This show may have been tripe, but as a nation, we can’t afford not to support the arts.

I didn’t think a lot to it either, but then I’m no expert and I went alone. However, I did leave with the impression, that the lady folded in Allen Jones‘s work called Chair, had an unlikely resemblance to the late Princess Diana. But then she was only eight, at the time the work of art was created.

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