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Could We See Some Packaged Inclined Lift Applications?

I liked the inclined lift at Greenford, that I saw yesterday.

There are many stations in the UK and across the wider world, where access to the trains is down a long staircase from a road or bridge that crosses the platforms at a right angle.

Disabled-Friendly Steps At Mill Hill

So could a simple inclined lift be fitted alongside these stairs, at Mill Hill station in Blackburn?

I think that you could build a lift in its own glass module in a factory, make an appropriate hole in the bridge parapet and lift the inclined lift into position on the platform.

There could be several advantages.

  1. The preparation work at the station would not be major construction.
  2. It would surely be more affordable for stations with low usage for passengers, who need full step-free access. Mill Hill might be an example., as the station isn’t used by more than 70,000 passengers in total in a year.
  3. If say the station were to be rebuilt, the lift could be saved and used elsewhere.
  4. The installation of the lift could be a very fast process, perhaps done over a weekend.
  5. The package could include a staircase, which could be covered if desired.

I think that when architects see the stairs/escalator/inclined lift combination at Greenford station, they’ll get some very imaginative ideas.


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