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London Gets Its First Community Rail Partnership

There are over fifty Community Rail Partnerships in the UK. This is an extract from the Wikipedia entry.

The Association of Community Rail Partnerships (ACoRP) supports its fifty or so member CRPs and also offers assistance to voluntary station friends groups that support their local stations through the station adoption scheme. Since 2005 the Department for Transport has formally designated a number of railway lines as community rail schemes in order to recognise the need for different, more appropriate standards than are applied to main line railway routes, and therefore make them more cost effective.

As the numbers keep increasing, I suspect that central and regional government, local authorities, passengers rail companies and staff, think they are a good idea.

Today’s in some ways surprising news, is that London is to get its first Community Rail Partnership in Hounslow. Sewvn stations are involved on the Hounslow Loop Line.

This article in Rail Technology Magazine gives more details of the partnership.

How many more Community Rail Partnerships will London embrace in the next few years?

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Torotrak Share Price Rises

On of my Google Alerts picked up this article from which is entitled How Analysts Feel About Torotrak plc After Today’s Huge Increase?

Torotrak is an engineering company behind some kinetic energy recovery systems, that are seen in motor sport like Formula One. But the technology also has applications in the general motor industry to save fuel and we all know the hole VW has dug for itself.

But could the rise in the share price be driver by the big event happening tomorrow – The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement?

Probably not, but Torotrak’s system might be part of a suitable energy storage system for an Independently Powered Electrical Multiple Unit or IPEMU.

One of George Osborne’s biggest problems is funding the electrification of the railways, as if we are to modernise this country, then most rail lines need to be electrified or at least provided with modern trains.

I believe that the IPEMU is one solution to reduce costs, by avoiding the horrendous problems and costs of putting up the wires.

So will George go for it?

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