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A Curious Problem With My Credit Cards

A few months ago, I tried to order some goods from IKEA for my kitchen. They weren’t delivered and my credit card wasn’t debited, so the only harm done was I waited in for a whole day for a non-delivery.

Over the next couple of months, I tried several times to repeat the order, but in no cases was it ever completed. Immediately, When I entered the details of either of my credit cards, the order disappeared.

To solve the problem, I took a bus to IKEA in Tottenham and placed the order personally, paying with my American Express card at the check-out. I also got the direct e-mail address of the Kitchen Department and sent them a couple of e-mails to assure them, that if they didn’t deliver, they’d be deep in the doodah.

The goods were eventually delivered on the day, but the driver’s sat-nav got him lost in the mews at the back of my house.

I put it down to some form of problem with the delivery system, that checks the credit rating of the purchaser. But as Experian have confirmed, my credit rating is good and the only problem, is that I’m not correctly on the Electoral Roll. And that’s not for dint of trying, but for some reason they seem incapable to get it right!

However, today I needed to buy a coach ticket from National Express for the Ipswich-QPR match on Boxing Day.

So I entered my details to buy the ticket and tried to pay by credit czrds. Both were rejected.

I phoned both credit card suppliers and there was no problem with either card.

As a last resort, I phoned National Express direct and bought the ticket traditionally from the Call Centre at the cost of a long phone call and a booking fee.

But it wasn’t without trouble.

Both my credit cards were rejected by the system used by the very patient Colin in the Call Centre, as was my debit card.

Their system knew about me from my previous four failed attempts to buy tickets on-line and I wondered if it was rejecting them because of my address, which was on some sort of blacklist.

I’ve often thought this, as my house was tenanted for several years before I bought it and the tenants did runners leaving piles of debts to several companies.

In the end, Colin and I felt this was all rather silly, so I thought about trying an alternative e-mail address, as this was probably the key used to access my address on their computer.

It worked and I got my ticket.

Intriguingly in both cases, I got my goods or tickets, when I broke the link between debit/credit card address and the address for the card.

In IKEA, this was by putting the AMEX card through a till and with National Express, it was by giving them an e-mail address for which they had no physical address details.

I am drawn to the inevitable conclusion, that software checks my address against County Court Judgements. And I think there could be a lot of them, due to the history of the property!

Surely, if I can’t purchase on-line, because of the debts of previous owners or their tenants, who lived here, before I bought the house, then that is illegal!

The only way to lose them, would be the same way to get rid of bindweed from your garden. Move!

Unless of course, someone reading this knows better?


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  1. Have you spoken to Experian to check if the address is blacklisted? There are legal ways you can prove that previous debts are not yours, although I don’t know how, but Experian would

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | December 22, 2015 | Reply

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