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The East London Line Closure Of The Week Of 13th February 2016

Some have raised questions, as to why it is necessary to close the East London Line next week for Crossrail works?

I have found this vaugely-dated document on the Crossrail web site entitled Whitechapel Station closures between 13 and 21 February 2016. It says this.

The programme of activities scheduled to take place between 01:00 on Saturday 13 February and 05:30 on Monday 22 February 2016 includes the following:

  • Ground reinforcement (piling) activity in the vicinity of the London Overground and London Underground platforms
  • Removing the staircases, walls and canopies in the vicinity of the Whitechapel Station and the former ticket hall.
  • Removing cables from the protection deck located over the London Overground, to the north of Durward Street • Removing part of the old pedestrian footbridge at the eastern end of Whitechapel Station
  • Station steelwork in the vicinity of London Overground
  • Concrete pours in the vicinity of the station.
  • There will be concrete lorries in Durward Street and activity on Whitechapel Road to support these concrete pours.


I can certainly understand, that if they have to close the railway for Health and Safety reasons, then so be it.

I can also understand, if they’ve found something unexpected in the old part of the Victorian station. We’ve all found that when we’ve renovated old buildings.

And of course, the closure is when it is, as it is half-term in Swanlea School, which helps with access.

But this whole closure is a puzzle to me, as Crossrail’s project management and also their handling of community relations and the media has been generally good.

According to someone locally to me in Dalston, this is an unexpected closure. If it is, then where is the story in the local press or on the BBC?

These days, with cameras and crews everywhere, why hasn’t there been an honest report on BBC London television?

I think Crossrail have rather mucked up here, as people are annoyed and if they’d given us the truth, people would be more understanding.

But then we’re in the East End, and if there was an Olympic event of ducking and diving, all the medals would be won, by someone from this area.


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