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Changing Trains At Slough

Yesterday I changed trains at Slough station and took these pictures.

Two pictures were taken a few weeks ago and are added to make the gallery more complete.

The new pictures were taken from Platform 2, which when the electrification is complete and Crossrail has opened, will be the platform serving fast trains to the West.

This Google Map shows the layout of the station.

Slough Station

Slough Station

If you look at the left (West) end of the station, you’ll see the extended platform that in addition being Platform 2, also serves the bay platform 1 for Windsor Branch Line services. I took the pictures from this platform.

Platforms 3 and 4 form a long island platform in the middle of the station, with Platform 5 on the far side.

When Crossrail opens, platforms 4 and 5 will be for that service and platforms 2 ans 3 will serve the main lines.

I am puzzling about how the wires will be passed through the station.

Note the following from my pictures and the Google Map.

  • The station is Grade II Listed, with lots of period details.
  • A lot of the canopies over the platform are good Victorian examples.
  • The station has two footbridges; a restored old one and a new modern one.
  • The modern one has probably been built to double as a gantry for the overhead wires, but has the old one been strengthened.
  • There is a solitary electrification mast on the island platform and this is paired with one on the far side of Platform 1.
  • There is evidence that double foundations are being built for a very large gantry at the far western end of the platforms.

I think that over the next couple of months or so, a lot of clues to Network Rail’s electrification design, will become visible at Slough.


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