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A Trip To Corby

I’d never been to Corby station before, but had planned it for some time.

I went this morning to both have a look at one of Network Rail’s new stations and see the work going on in the area.

These are pictures I took.


  • I don’t think I saw one tricky bridge to electrify North of Bedford.
  • A lot of the second track to Corby is in place.
  • It would appear that the works at Corby will create a double track railway through the station to Oakham.
  • I was told at Corby station, that there is to be a closure of the station later in the year, to finish the works.
  • I saw no sign of any electrification North of Kettering.
  • Piles with batty yellow covers, for electrification had started from Bedford.

But one thing that surprised me, was how the line constantly moved changed from four tracks to three and back again and that it was surrounded by lots of space.

Electrifying from Bedford to Kettering wouldn’t be the most difficult of jobs.

Only the stations would be tricky.

But I do have this feeling from what I saw at Horwich Parkway station and wrote about in Are The Electrification Gantries Going In The Middle At Horwich Parkway Station?, that Network rail have some better and non-traditional ways of dealing with the electrification of stations in their tool-box these days.

I also think, that they could phase the work in places, as the lines are often in separate pairs.


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