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An Excursion To Lokrum

As I’d missed all of the full day trips, I took the boat to Lokrum and had a walk round for three hours or so.

Before I was diagnosed as a coeliac and went gluten-free, I couldn’t have done a walk like this.

It was almost, as if my blood couldn’t move the heat away fast enough from my skin and it all overheated. But once, gluten-free and with blood full of B12, the heat transfer was better.

I used to burn badly some years ago, but I don’t now. After Lokrum my face was just a healthy colour.

Intriguingly, my father, who was probably an undiagnosed coeliac, rarely went in the sun and was very much a man for wasting time in his garage or shed.

My son who died, appeared to me to be the most likely to be coeliac and he was always hidden away working on his music.

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Dubrovnik Old Port

These pictures were taken in the morning of Dubrovnik Old Port

I got some much-needed sun, that I have been needing all winter.

This is the port for excursions.

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Alpine Swifts

At night and in the morning, the air over Dubrovnik is full of alpine swifts.

This picture, which is the best of a bad lot, shows a few ducking and diving by the sea and the city walls.


There were several photographers trying to get the ultimate picture.

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