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Would I Go Back To Croatia?

The answer has to be Yes!

If I went back for a few days, I think, I’d fly to one city before spending a few days there. I would then travel to another city, spend a few days there before flying home.

As airlines fly to Dubrovnik, Pula, Split, Zagreb and a few other places, there are a lot of choices of route.

My preferred route, might be.

  • Fly to Duibrovnik and spend 2-3 days.
  •  Take the ferry to Split and spend 2-3 days.
  • Take the train to Zagreb and spend a day before flying home.

There are certainly lots of possibilities.

My other recommendations would be.

  • Plan your trips in Dubrovnik the day before.
  • Stay in a hotel with a lift in Dubrovnik.
  • Stay in a hotel in Diocletian’s Palace in Split.
  • Take the train between Split and Zagreb in First Class in good weather.
  • If you’re coeliac like me, take plenty of snacks or eat fruit.

Plan the journey well and you’ll enjoy it.

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Walking The Walls Of Dubrovnik

I took these pictures as I walked the walls of Dubrovnik.


  • I started at the Western end, soon after the walls opened at eight o’clock.
  • There was a couple of cafes at the halfway point, where I had a coffee.
  • I didn’t walk it fast and I took about two and a half hours
  • The stairs in the hotel were the more difficult climb.

As you can start at more than one place, a ticket that allowed you to break the walk might seem a good idea. But then you’d have to climb back up again.

I think that my plan of taking it slow early in the morning, when it was not crowded and a bit cooler, might be the best way to walk the walls.

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Beware Of Hotels In The Old City Of Dubrovnik

I took these pictures of my hotel room in the Old City of Dubrovnik.

I get the impression, reading some of the things said about hotels in Dubrovnik, that this is not the only hotel with a nice, spacious rooms and a staircase not for those of a nervous disposition.

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An Excursion To Lokrum

As I’d missed all of the full day trips, I took the boat to Lokrum and had a walk round for three hours or so.

Before I was diagnosed as a coeliac and went gluten-free, I couldn’t have done a walk like this.

It was almost, as if my blood couldn’t move the heat away fast enough from my skin and it all overheated. But once, gluten-free and with blood full of B12, the heat transfer was better.

I used to burn badly some years ago, but I don’t now. After Lokrum my face was just a healthy colour.

Intriguingly, my father, who was probably an undiagnosed coeliac, rarely went in the sun and was very much a man for wasting time in his garage or shed.

My son who died, appeared to me to be the most likely to be coeliac and he was always hidden away working on his music.

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Dubrovnik Old Port

These pictures were taken in the morning of Dubrovnik Old Port

I got some much-needed sun, that I have been needing all winter.

This is the port for excursions.

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Alpine Swifts

At night and in the morning, the air over Dubrovnik is full of alpine swifts.

This picture, which is the best of a bad lot, shows a few ducking and diving by the sea and the city walls.


There were several photographers trying to get the ultimate picture.

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Excursions From Dubrovnik

I hadn’t planned what I would do in Dubrovnik and it was only when I got there, I reaslised you could take an excursion to Mostar.

Unfortunately, all excursions seemed to leave early in the morning, so as I only had one full day in the city, I had to miss out.

So if you’re having some time in the city and might weant to have an excursion, book it early.

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How Dubrovnik Suffered

The map on the right of this picture, shows all of the damage sustained in Dubrovnik during the break-up of Yugoslavia.

War Damage On A Map Of Dubrovnik

War Damage On A Map Of Dubrovnik

The scale of the damage in the fighting between over the city, is well shown on this map, although most now seems to have been repaired.

The cause of the war between Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, will long be debated, but as with Syria and Russia, it is usually because a group of nasty men want to cling to power and enough of their electorate can be bribed to back them.

A version of that map should be forcibly tattooed on all the war criminals and their supporters in that insane war.

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Up And Down The Dubrovnik Cable Car

I took these pictures as I rode the Dubrovnik Cable Car.

The island beyond the city is Lokrum.

I have this feeling that if you timed it right, the light could be very good on the way down.

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First Impressions Of Dubrovnik

I arrived in Dubrovnik in mid-morning and took the airport bus to just outside the old city.

My hotel was in the old city, just off the main walk across the old city between the bus station and the old port.

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