The Anonymous Widower

From Karlsruhe To Cologne

A lot of this section was along the side of the River Rhine, as rhe pictures show.

The train was running on the West Rhine Railway, which  is described in Wikipedia like this.

The West Rhine railway (German: Linke Rheinstrecke, literally ‘left (bank of the) Rhine route’) is a famously picturesque, double-track electrified railway line running for 185 km from Cologne via Bonn, Koblenz, and Bingen to Mainz. It is situated close to the western (left) bank of the river Rhine and mostly aligned to allow 160 km/h operation between Cologne and Koblenz and between Bingen and Mainz. Line speed between Koblenz and Bingen is restricted by themeandering nature of the Rhine.

It is effectively a 100 mph line, like say the Great Eastern Main Line between London and Norwich.

It is certainly one of those lines where you might pay the extra to go in First and make sure you sit on the river side of the train.

I had deliberately chosen a hotel close to Cologne station, so it was just a short walk to the hotel.

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