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Is A Secondary Effect Of London’s Air Pollution Making Me Ill?

There is no doubt, that i am suffering from a vitamin D deficiency, as it has been measured and I have several of the classic symptoms. Several of my friends seem to be suffering too!

As a coeliac, I get no or little vitamin D from my food, as vitamin D is not added to gluten-free food, so I rely on the sun for my vitamin D.

And there has been very little of that over the last few years in London and the South East of England.

I take vitamin D supplements and these help, but if say I get half an hour in strong sunlight, I feel a lift and a lot better.

I got to wondering, if London’s pollution is cutting out the UVB radiation that I need to generate vitamin D in my skin.

I can’t find any scientific paper, which shows the effect of airpollution on UVB radiation.

Now my health has got worse over the l;ast decade or so, which is a time that corresponds to more diesel cars polluting the atmosphere.

I may be talking sabsolute claptrap, but if I could find a scientific paper, I might be able to be proven wrong.

But I can’t get iot out of my head, that all these diesels are producing pollution, that is cutting the UVB radiation. As my health was appalling in the 1950s, during the legendary London smogs, I wonder if there is a connection.

Unfortunately, to many UVB radiation is an evil as it causes skin cancer. So anything that cuts UVB radiation levels is to be welcomed.

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  1. I too take vitamin D supplement, I ham 4 weeks into the loading dose 0f 50,000 units, before I start the normal 1,000 units daily. I am dramatically better than I have been for some years, both physically but more so mentally. We have a few days of dark dismal heavy rain – I get drenched every time I walk outside, even for a minute or so, and our basement flooded. And I have felt down, unmotivated, and slightly anxious – although the anxiety could be from all the horror stories we are seeing in media.

    I live on a main road, and would be interested to read any paper you find.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | July 2, 2016 | Reply

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